June Alumni of the Month 2015

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Life before the Last Door wasn’t a life at all. I was lost in addiction, crossing lines I said I would never cross, and living in obsession with dope. I was a slave. I was causing my family grief and many sleepless nights, and my friends wanted nothing to do with me. I was ready to give up on myself, but before I did I decided to give the Last Door a chance.

I was in detox for the third time and a man named Blair, who worked at the Door, came to meet me. I told him a bit about myself and he did the same. Building empathy from the start and again when I was picked up and brought to the Last Door by Bill and Alex, who were both kind and empathetic. I stayed at the Last Door for 8 months and met many more friendly and inspiring people. Getting clean was a lot more fun than I had imagined. I could go on about the fun I had and the great people I met.

I’ve heard a little bit about being a counselor and heard that they are supposed to separate their feelings from their clients but they don’t do that at the Last Door. From clients to counselors, it’s love that shines through. Everyone cares and people get well.

I am one of many. When I got clean, many of my friends and family got affected. The ripple effect of people getting well is vast. I’ve gotten back to doing the healthy things I used to do before my addiction ran my life. I’m in school now and chasing my dreams. My life is filled with gratitude and I’m looking forward to the future. Just for today, I’m happy.

Thank you to everyone at the Last Door for helping me get here

Andrew B
Clean Date June 3 2012