Alumni of the Month – Troy

Alumni of the Month

Troy’s Addiction Recovery Success Story

Addiction Recovery Success Story - TroyBefore coming to the Last Door my life was an incomplete and utter ruin. I couldn’t hold a job for more than a couple months. I was no longer invited to any family functions. My Parents were screening my calls and my wife was ready to have me leave. I hated myself, to say the least, and had almost given up on life. It was hard to admit but I knew that my addiction had made my life unmanageable. But I couldn’t admit to myself that I was powerless over my addiction.

Finally, in complete desperation I contacted Conner at the Last Door. I arrived beaten down by addiction but was greeted by a large “family” of councilors and fellow addicts with one mutual goal… to help each other get back up and become productive members of society. It never occurred to me how much I needed the friendship and Love I received from everyone at the Door. Not only did I learn how to control my addiction, but I was also taught so much more about overcoming so many of my defects of character.

Now at 19 months clean, I have a wonderful loving marriage and I talk to my family several times a week. I have respect from my peers and a good solid foundation of honesty and openness in my recovery. Now I’m becoming the man, husband, son, and friend I have always wanted to be, and I have learned to love myself again. Sharing my story and participating in Service work to give back to the recovery community is a huge part of my recovery journey. Thank you to all the good people at Last Door enough for the life they have taught me to live and for my success story in addiction recovery.

Last Door’s Program

Last Door Recovery Society provides comprehensive addiction services in British Columbia. We offer a wide range of programs, including residential treatment and aftercare. Our social model program focuses on abstinence from substance use providing safe environments for individuals to heal from the effects of their addictions. We help clients develop skills to cope with stressors like poverty or trauma while also addressing underlying mental health issues.

 Peer support is an essential part of our program which helps ensure long-term success in recovery. It connects people like Troy with others you share similar experiences and can support each other. Through our program clients have access to individualized counseling sessions and group meetings where they can share their stories and learn new strategies for preventing relapse. Clients build meaningful relationships with peers who understand what they’re going through. This helps to make members feel heard and supported in their journey towards sobriety. If you want to start your own recovery like Troy contact us today

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