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Alumni of the Month

addiction recoveryMy name is Stephen and I am a grateful recovering “Door Boy”. I grew up in the BC interior and overall had a good childhood and upbringing. However, I knew there was something about me that was different. I coped with challenges in ways that weren’t always healthy and, knowing what I know now, I can see that I had tendencies toward addiction. Throughout my early adulthood, I was able to pursue a meaningful and fulfilling career and was quite successful. However, as time passed my addiction to substances and issues around self-acceptance and self-worth became more and more problematic. These problems culminated when I moved from BC to Ontario. I was in a new province, isolated and alone and I failed to make new connections. My unhealthy coping strategies and resorting to using substances, resulted in me losing my home and my career. Through the caring and goodwill of some people who knew me, I was sent to the Last Door in New West. I had many ups and downs in my experience in treatment in New West. At times I was disagreeable and wasn’t sure if I really wanted to change. At other times, I was able to glimpse the prospect of a new and better life in recovery. By persevering and completing the program at the Last Door I was able to address my underpinning issues regarding self-acceptance and self-worth. This laid the foundation to make real and lasting connections with my peers. My life now is markedly different than it was before coming to New West. I now have many friendships and meaningful connections that I am able to rely upon for support. I’m a member of a community that cares and helps others overcome problems that they’re facing. I feel grateful to be able to help others, as I myself have been helped. Thank you to the Last Door for all your help. Stephen

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