Canada's largest addiction recovery commuinty

Canada's addiction treatment community

Last Door Recovery Society is part of Canada’s largest recovery community nic named “New West Recovery” a youth and adult addiction treatment community

Addiction Recovery Community Creates Connections

Clients from outside the New Westminster Community, participate in this vibrant community, take what they learn back to their home community

Each year Last Door plays a major role in organizing the annual Recovery Day BC which is a street festival where over 20,000 people attend to celebrate overcoming addiction.  And also presents Canada’s premier addiction recovery conference, the Recovery Capital Conference of Canada.

Communities that work together are healthy communities. When considering recovery from substance use disorder it is important to make connections; not just with your physician or counsellor, but with the community at large.

New West Recovery provides a safe and healing environment to recover from addiction while promoting and facilitating a desire for recovery.

New West recovery

“It’s hard not to be inspired here, there’s something here for everyone”

New West Recovery improves the lives and outcomes of individuals and families affected by addiction-related issues. New West Recovery focuses on early intervention, prevention, education, harm reduction, recovery capital, and addiction treatment – with an emphasis on connection. Individuals will be connected to high-quality addiction and mental health services in the New Westminster community. Clients will learn how to use a community to recover, so when they return home, they have practice living in a community

Canadians come from across the country to access addiction recovery services in New Westminster BC, making New West, the recovery capital of Canada.  Our Social Model Addiction Treatment Program is unique and diverse, accommodating all ages, return to work solutions, and family dynamics.

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New West Recovery is a vibrant addiction recovery community that is solution focused for all ages

Whether you are a teenager growing up worrying about making friends, or close to retirement and wanting to figure out a way to live with freedom, or just married with a young family; Last Door's addiction recovery community is flexible and works with all ages and demographics.

Addiction Treatment Program


Treatment is viewed as a starting point to a healthier, recovery-based life, free from the impacts of active addiction. Primary Care Facilities are located in uptown New Westminster, BC. Clients get immersed into a vibrant recovery community, and learn through experiential learning on how to rebuild their life. Clients also have access to a beautiful retreat property in a rural area.

Youth Addiction Treatment Program

MALES 14 TO 18

Experience-based education and learning challenges youth to develop healthy values, attitudes, beliefs and behaviors. The ultimate goal is increased self esteem and improved decision making to support a healthier, recovery-based life, free from the impacts of active addiction. Our clinical teams assist clients to navigate help for mental health challenges, education and job readiness skills.

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