Cody Hall – Alumni of the Month

Alumni of the Month

Hey Everyone, Cody here. I started experimenting with drinking when I was 12 years old and very quickly the consequences became evident in my life. It took many years after that and become dependent on many other substances to finally admit that I needed help and could not stop on my own.

Along the way I experience the destruction of addiction in my life in ways I thought beyond repair. My story left me broken after experiencing homelessness, run-ins with the justice system, and stays in mental healthcare facilities and hospitals… I had left relationships with almost all my family and friends damaged and broken.

Later I would learn all of these things were a result of the disease of addiction.

Thanks to an Alumni of Last Door who had walked the path of recovery before me ( My now close friend and sponsor) I was introduced to the Idea of recovery and a safe place where they could help me to live again.

I came to Last Door fearful and lost at 28 years old, having no clue what life had in store for me. Today I can say with the help of Last Door and the lifelong friends and connections I’ve made here while working on my life. I have freedom today from active addiction.

My days are no longer ruled by addiction and chaos as they were before. I have hope for the future and a sense of direction in my life. I have friends and family in my life that I’m blessed to be able to show up for and support. I have a home and a great job. I have goals and have found my place in society. The Last Door helped give me the courage to speak out about the struggles of homelessness and addiction.  I recently was invited to be part of a documentary called Vancouver is Dying which can be seen here. 

Today I have the chance to give back to those who are in the position I was not able to long ago, and the ability to help them walk the path that brought me to where I am today. I think the most important thing I found at Last Door is Hope… today I’ve built a life I never could have imagined before and the possibilities are endless. I have just recently taken 1yr and watched many people who are now a huge part of my life do the same. I can’t wait to see what the future holds in my new life Living Clean. We Do Recover ✌

Grateful Alumni after Cody


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