My Recovery Plan

My Recovery Plan

Assess, Mentor, Measure Outcomes, and Monitor Addiction Recovery

Addiction Resources

Building Recovery Capital to overcome addiction

Addiction health care has focused so much on recidivism instead of resilience, Recovery Capital measures an individuals strengths, and not just deficiencies … My Recovery Plan changing the way Canada responds to addiction.

Free Assessment Tool

  • YOUR PLAN – assessment tools to help build you build and foster Recovery Capital to overcome addiction
  • LOVED ONE’S PLAN – assess and help build your loved ones Recovery Capital to overcome addiction in the family
  • PATIENT’S PLAN – mentor clients, monitor their progress and measure outcomes

Electronic Health Record Software for Service Providers

  • Measure Recovery Capital at treatment initiation
  • Measurable Plans, Mentor Clients, Monitor Progress or Challenges
  • Measure Recovery Capital and Review
  • Clinicians and Patients have unique access and user profiles
  • Clients create their own Recovery Plan with/ without the help of Clinicians

Validated Assessment Instruments

The My Recovery Plan tool is an evidence-based platform developed by David Best Ph.D., University of Derby, that provides a finite, measurable recovery plan coupled with an accurate and predictive assessment. It is recovery path neutral and appropriate for delivery in clinical and non-clinical environments by both certified peers and medical professionals.  We have created training materials for recovery-oriented organizations seeking to deliver measurably improved outcomes through the use of our researched cutting-edge technology.

My Recovery Plan Training

 Training is available, become a Recovery Capital Associate Certified by the CACCF. As a clinician, you will facilitate the process of assessing “goal setting” and building “Recovery Capital” necessary to sustain ongoing recovery.

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