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Well-rounded addiction recovery approach includes the full continuum of care.

Last Door’s recovery community supports the individual and the family recovery from addiction

Lifestyle Group

  • A twelve week, 24 session, psycho-educational group that educates for healthy and informed lifestyle behaviours. Sessions feature physical fitness, body-mass, nutrition, dental hygiene, meditation and exercise as well as essential health knowledge and social balance. Topics are scheduled in response to participants’ needs.

Gambling, Media and Internet Group

  • A twelve week didactic group that focuses on substitute addictions and the tendency to vacillate between substance and process addictions. This group focuses on recovery from “process” addictions including gambling, media and internet addictions by increasing awareness, building supports for abstinence and developing relapse prevention skills. Participants develop a peer support network and are introduced to community resources to assist them in making lasting changes.
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  • Gambling Addiction Info

Horticultural Therapy

  • Last Door’s keystone Facility has over 10,000 square feet of organic gardens where clients can understand farm to table meal planning.
  • Clients go hiking on a regular basis with alumni, here they talk about long term recovery
  • Keystone Horticultural Therapy info

Recreational Therapy and Social Activities

  • Positive social and recreational activities are integral parts of recovery at Last Door. Activities include softball, dodge ball, fishing, camping, as well as weekly mixed martial arts training.
  • Regular access to the local fitness facility featuring an Olympic size swimming pool and state of the art Fitness Equipment as well as jogging, hiking and walking are encouraged essential parts of recovery.
    Last Door encourages family and joint parent and child activities. Social activities also have the recovery community enjoying theatre, movies, family cooking and chess tournaments.

Allied Health Professionals

  • Weekly Yoga, Acupuncture, Guided Meditation, Art and Music Therapy and Naturopathic Services are incorporated into clients’ schedules at no extra cost.
  • Depending on the season, weekly Beach Volley Ball, Hockey or basketball games are organized for the clients.


  • Last Door supports spiritual, gender and cultural values in a safe and accepting environment. Last Door celebrates the richness of individual experiences and values collective cultural contributions.

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