45 Day Addiction Treatment Program

Addiction treatment starting at $13,500*

Workplace wellness solutions for employees with drug, alcohol, gambling, nicotine and prescription drug issues.

Last Door’s treatment options are now flexible to address Employer’s workplace wellness needs and patient needs and preferences. Patients who complete Last Door’s Primary Care Program are given life time access to Last Door’s continuing care initiatives, including Alumni Group, Group Drop-ins, community events and social activities.

45 day addiction treatment program

Our patient flow is customizable to your needs.  We can make recommendations on a case by case basis.

Last Door is non-profit, affordable, licensed, and fully accredited program with a 35 year history.

Patients are part of the New West Recovery community, where day to day experiential learning gives Last Door a valuable clinical tool and helps us provide one of Canada’s premier addiction recovery services.

Last Door’s Primary Care Program takes place within a therapeutic community that allows patients to not only gain cognitive processes needed to recover, but to fully experience the results of using them in real time, real life situations. These actions promote change, help to improve damaged family relationships, allow assessment of financial damages, reveal psychosocial processes, and can increase coping skills and break deeply ingrained habits. Last Door’s “social model perspective” involves both the individual and his social and physical environment.

Video of an Alberta Resident who participated in Last Door’s Return to Work Program


  • Rapid Intake, within 24 hours for those who qualify
  • Medication Management Services
  • Support for Co-Occurring Disorders
  • Medical Assessment and Recovery Capital Assessment
  • Extensive group work, individual counselling, and a set of written exercises
  • Family Programming at no additional cost
  • Computerized Electronic Health Records to streamline admissions
  • Progress Reports and Case Management
  • Discharge Summary including Relapse Prevention Strategies
  • Specialized Graduated or Immediate Return to Work planning
  • Recovery Coaching
  • $300 per day, most insurance accepted


  • Last Door offers Transitional Living Residences for patients who need a post- treatment-with-stabilization period before returning to work. During this transition phase clients can continue working on family relationships and other assessed needs.
  • Cost is $200 per day, most insurance accepted


  • Recovery Booster Program is for employees who complete treatment and may be struggling or have relapsed and need a review of treatment. This option is available for up to 1 year post treatment.
  • The Recovery Booster Program is a one month period during which the employee can “re-set” their recovery.
  • Cost is $200 per day, most insurance accepted


  • Telehealth: Upon completion of treatment employees can access their case worker to continue written assignments and receive online coaching.
  • Access to Alumni Groups are available via Telehealth.
  • Cost is $120 per hour, most insurance accepted


  • Last Door collaborates with Benefits Providers, Disability Managers, Union Representatives, EAP Services and several Monitoring Programs across Canada.  Case Management is included in treatment


  • Some clients may require detox before admittance to Last Door’s 45 Day Addiction Treatment Program
  • Last Door provides medically supervised residential withdrawal management protocols as needed under the care of our American Society of Addiction Medicine [ASAM] Certified Addiction Specialist.
  • Patients are assessed pre-intake for Alcohol and Opiate Detoxification.
  • Cost is $500 per day

From intake to discharge, Last Door’s professional approach streamlines client care.  We can help you return to work, school, or life, free from the harms of addiction.

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