Our Addiction Recovery Community

Addiction Recovery Community

Connecting people to community is key to successful long term recovery.

Connection is the opposite of addiction

Clients are immersed in a vibrant community lead by peers.   The success and growth of our recovery community is based on connecting people through engagement and building recovery capital.  Last Door’s recovery community helps build Personal Recovery Capital, Family Recovery Capital, Cultural Recovery Capital and Social Recovery Capital, coupled with improving physical health.

Last Door is part of the New West Recovery Community, Canada’s most vibrant Recovery Community

A socio-cultural approach to recovery involves both the individual and his social and physical environment. The social model principles that are used in day to day life within Last Door’s addiction treatment programs are closely aligned with distinctive philosophies and practices instilled through generational learning by former clients.  Because clients are part of a larger community and not just the treatment centre, there is a collective, compound effect throughout the community.  This creates a dynamic environment where thousands of people are active participants in recovery as the norm.

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Being an Alumni of Last Door’s Youth Program and Adult Program can be a family affair.  Alumni from across the country return to visit Last Door on their recovery milestone celebrations.  This is a great indicator of how building connections while in treatment is key to long term sustainable addiction recovery.   The term “Door Boy” a moniker our Alumni choose for themselves, has become synonymous with pride and personal success. Being a Door Boy denotes a sense of camaraderie and belonging.  There are thousands of Door Boys across the world, who celebrate their successful recovery choices along with their families.

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Last Door's treatment model is grounded in the New Westminster community

Last Door is known for its healthy community that encourages clients to build their own personal Recovery Capital. Recovery Capital is a focus on the development of social capital (such as healthy and stable relationships), material capital (such as finances and accommodation), human capital (mental and physical health, skills, and employment) and cultural capital (values, beliefs, and attitudes).

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Talk Recovery Radio

Last Door produces and hosts a weekly radio show called Talk Recovery, live every Thursday at noon on 100.5 FM, join us for conversations about the many pathways to addiction recovery with global experts and personal lived experiences.  To end stigma we must continue to talk about recovery.  Each week addiction recovery experts from around the world join us.   Talk Recovery is in its 6th Season with hundreds of guests and thousands of listeners, thank you to all our weekly listeners and guests.  Show ideas? email community@lastdoor.org

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Last Door is a unique organization with one of North America’s largest community recovery engagement initiatives.  Our community initiatives help reduce the stigma of addiction and put the focus on improved health care policy while celebrating recovery from addiction.  The BC Government supports Last Door’s initiative to make September 2019 “Recovery Month Canada”.  This support plays a significant role in helping the community at large learn about recovery, save lives with inspiration, and educate people on how to access the health care system.   Ultimately this helps our clients feel proud about starting a new life substance free.  For every dollar spent on recovery, over $7 is saved in taxpayer addiction-related healthcare costs.  To volunteer, during our events email community@lastdoor.org.

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Community Intitiaves

Recovery Day BC

Recovery Day BC is held in New Westminster BC, and has become Canada's largest mental health and addiction recovery event. Last Door along with many other partners work together to overcome addiction. Over 20,000 people attend, with three stages, and 120 information booths. Recovery Day is open for all to attend, people in recovery, people who support recovery, and people who are still in active addiction looking for solutions.

Recovery Capital Conference

Last Door is a pioneer in the addiction treatment industry, when Last Door heard of the Building Recovery Capital Theory, we wanted to share it with the world. Last Door is in its third year of organizing addiction recovery conferences for health care professionals and occupational health stakeholders. Join us for the Canada's Premier Addiction Recovery Conference.

Clean Sober and Proud

Clean Sober and Proud consists of substance free spaces and outreach booths at LGBTQ2s Pride Day events. A highlight of Clean Sober and Proud is the annual Untoxicated Street Festival, one of North America’s largest substance free Pride events. If you or someone you know is part of the LGBTQ2s community and is addicted to drugs or alcohol, and needs addiction treatment, we can help them be part of their community again.

Unity App - the Recovery Connector

Introducing the new recovery support tool for the online generation. Download the new Clean and Sober Recovery App today. Last Door created Unity App for its alumni but quickly realized this tool had to be shared with the world. Join over 170,000 meetings, find your homegroup, chat with other members, ask for help, do you daily journal on the app, find meetings using the meeting finder. Listen to over 15,000 Speaker Tapes The app is free, and the speake tapes are a one time set up cost of $1.99.

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