Clean Sober and Proud

Addiction Recovery and the LGBTQ2s Community

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Thousands show up for the Sober Lounge and the Untoxicated Festival in 2023


2023 was the 15th Anniversary of Clean Sober and Proud

Last Door’s Clean Sober Proud initiative invites EVERYONE to substance-free spaces during Pride Season, people in recovery, recovery allies, sober curious people, and anyone who wants to be part of the fun are welcome to celebrate sober pride with us.

Join us on our recovery parade floats, visit us at our outreach booths at local Pride festivals, or dance with us at our highly anticipated UNTOXICATED Street festival.

These substance-free activities during Pride season help people feel part of Pride in a safe space

These activities help foster healthy relationships for the LGBTQ2s+ Community while connecting people to Mental Health and Addiction Recovery Services.

Thank you to the thousands of volunteers and supporters over the years who have helped this initiative grow.

Clean Sober Proud is a Community Initiative of the Last Door Recovery Society.

Last Door’s community engagement initiatives play a major role in helping people rebuild their lives.  Clean, Sober, and Proud represents people who have overcome their addiction – and are proud of it!

These spaces provide a centralized meeting space for people in recovery from addiction to gather and feel safe and included.  2018 marked the 10 Year Anniversary of Clean Sober Proud.  What started as an event with 9 people, through perseverance has turned into a celebration of thousands.

If you or someone you know is part of the LGBTQ2s community and is addicted to drugs or alcohol, and is thinking about addiction treatment, please call our free addiction consultation line –  We can help start their recovery journey. To learn more about addiction treatment at Last Door, please visit our Addiction Treatment Page

A highlight of Clean Sober and Proud is the annual Untoxicated Street Festival, one of North America’s largest substance-free Pride events. Guests enjoy an evening street festival in the heart of the West End.  Untoxicated helps individuals stay connected to support services to help them get through Pride weekend “safely”

Enjoy the following videos of our version of addiction recovery services for the LGBTQ2s Community, if you can’t have fun in life clean or sober, why would you continue to live in recovery?  Our events are so dynamic that people who simply wish to enjoy Pride Events Substance Free attend.  Special thanks to Vancouver Pride Society and Telus for the support throughout the years and everyone in the videos who helped us make history.

Need addiction treatment?  Visit the rest of our site to see what services we offer

OUR HISTORY…. addiction recovery events in the LGBTQ2s Community in video

A look back at 2019

A look back at 2018

A look back at 2017

A look back at 2016

A look back at 2014

A look back at 2015

History of Clean Sober and Proud

  • 2008 –  a group of Alumni decided to add a recovery twist to Vancouver’s Pride Day Celebrations, so a committee was formed and born was the Recovery Float idea. Funds were raised and our first entry in Vancouver’s Pride Parade took place, the theme was “Fun in Recovery” with about 8 people were involved with the Float.
  • 2009 – the committee voted on calling themselves “Clean Sober & Proud!” and won “Brightest Rainbow Award” for its entry in the parade.
  • 2010 – The Clean Sober and Proud Float wins “Best and Biggest Float” award in the Vancouver Pride Parade
  • 2013- The Vancouver Pride Society votes to Partner with Last Door and support the 1st ever Clean Sober and Proud Party, the dance was held at the VanCity Theatre, Clean Sober & Proud also won “BEST FLOAT” in the Parade, from 8 people participating in 2008, to over 300 people participating.
  • 2014 – Our biggest float ever! and an awesome recovery dance
  • 2015 – The Untoxicated Dance was held in a outdoor parking lot in the Westend
  • 2016, 2017, and 2018 Untoxicated moved to the heart of the Bute and Davie where the rainbow sidewalks are featured, it was a bold move, and Untoxicated became one of Pride’s most talked about events.  Here are pictures from 2018

A presentation at Canada Pride on Clean Sober and Proud, and how it brings addiction recovery to the LGBTQ2s Community

THANK YOU to everyone who helped, danced and donated money and resources for the float and dance.

contact: to get involved.

Clean Sober & Proud! is not affiliated with or represents NA, AA, CA or any other 12 step program, we are a group of people having FUN in Recovery!

Clean Sober and Proud welcomes anyone who wishes to celebrate Pride free from Drugs and Alcohol

Last Door is a non-profit Drug and Alcohol Addiction Treatment Centre and is proud to host Clean Sober and Proud!

Special thanks to all our sponsors over the years who have helped make our events spectacular, from the Province of BC, Telus, Home Depot, Sheraton Hotel, ShowMax Events, Click on the below posters to see all our annual sponsors.

Past Sober Pride Event Posters

Sober Pride Party Vancouver Pride 2022

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