Detox from drugs and alcohol

Drug and Alcohol Detox Services

Private inpatient medical detox and stabilization, offering drug and alcohol withdrawal management.  RAPID INTAKES within 24 hours

Drug and Alcohol Detox

Quality care and tailored programs, Last Door integrates a private, fee-for-service, medically supported residential withdrawal management and stabilization program for youth and adult males in a liscensed accredited facility.

  • Services for Alcohol and Drug Detox
  • Withdrawal Management Medication Support
  • Inpatient medical detox typically is 5 days in length
  • Clients often participate in Last Door’s 10 Intro to Recovery Program or Last Door’s Primary Addiction Treatment Program.  3 months to 1 year

Please contact the Last Door intake team to discuss our screening and stabilization protocol and suitability.

Opioid Use Disorder Treatment & Harm Reduction Resources

People with substance use disorders have the potential to be in sustained long-term remission with appropriate treatments and ongoing recovery supports. We acknowledge that many people have experienced stigma, felt shame or guilt and commit to supporting the person in finding what they believe is best for themselves based on informed and accurate education of all options available to them and their families. We understand that most people fear being refused help or forced into treatment.

Last Door’s staff team provides harm reduction education while engaging clients to codevelop safety plans and next steps should their preferred treatment plan no longer meet their needs and goals.

There is substantial research and lived experience for many pathways of treatment and recovery. Last Door offers social model programs in abstinence-supported environments for clients that choose to access or decline access to addiction medicine. We do our best to honor clients’ identified goals by offering evidence-based psychosocial treatment, harm reduction education and family enhancement programming to support ongoing recovery from addiction.

Substance use disorder is one of the most challenging forms of addiction facing the health care system and opioid use disorder is major driver of the recent surge in illicit drug overdose deaths in Canada. Harm reduction efforts continue to support safer use and reduces the harms to the individual and public as a whole.

Please call us today if you need information, a take-home naloxone kit and training, referrals to outpatient OAT services, harm reduction education or need help connecting with an Addiction Medicine Specialist.

Stop Overdoses BC

Knocking down the walls of silence that keep people from talking about substance use is an important step towards addressing the overdose crisis in British Columbia. Recognizing that people who use drugs are real people helps to put a human face behind the numbers of so many preventable tragedies.


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Detox Strategy

People completing the inpatient detox also benefit from the social supports and encouragement offered by other patients’ who have stabilized. Noticeable changes appear within the first week of treatment for patients fostering optimism and openness to continue in their recovery.

Once stabilized, patients are supported to explore next steps such as residential treatment or outpatient counselling.  Last Door strongly discourages withdrawal management alone and encourages a seamless transition to long-term addiction treatment to assist in preventing relapse and associated harms.  Last Door can provide, with an approved treatment plan, a transition to long-term addiction treatment to prevent relapse and associated harms.

What makes Last Door’s strategy unique, from day one, clients are immersed in a vibrant recovery community, Last Door’s Social Model Program inspires people to get well.   It’s hard not to be inspired at Last Door.

Opioid Replacement Therapy

For the past 40 years harm reduction practices have refocused the aims in addiction treatment. As a result, drug replacement therapies have gained acceptance in the addiction treatment field.  For clients who wish to withdraw from opiates, Last Door provides an abstinence supported environment to do so.  Last Door suggests long term bed based treatment (6 months or more)  to obtain your goal of abstinence, Last Door provides two addiction physicians and a nurse to support his journey.

Opioid Replacement Therapy Strategies
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Alcohol Withdrawal Management

Last Door provides alcohol detox in a private setting,  under the care of a recovery coach, nurse and physician clients stabilize so they can begin their recovery journey.   A telephone screening and consultation is required before admission.  We provide services for people who choose to detox in an abstinence supported environment.  Learn more about our treatment programs and let us help you.

More Information

We can help you start your journey by helping you with the pain and danger of detoxing. For 35 years Last Door has been assisting people detox and stabilize from drugs and alcohol. Our experts can help you.


Rapid Intakes

People need help when they ask for it, for those who have funding in place, a treatment bed can be made available within 24 hours

Licensing and Accreditation

Professional Services

Comprehensive monitoring is undertaken at regular intervals to ascertain program delivery is staying to true to best practices.


"New Westminster is probably the most important thing in my life right now, it’s the best recovery community, in my opinion for me, it’s a perfect fit to go to a meeting and see hundreds of familiar faces and a buinch of people greet me and hug me, it gives me purpose in my life

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