Addiction Treatment FAQ


What about laundry service? Complimentary laundry facilities are provided

What about my medication? Last Door’s Pharmacy must process prescription medications.  Medications from outside pharmacies are not permitted.  Over the counter vitamins or supplements may be used with supervision and approval by ou medical director

Do I need spending money? Clients do need money for extracurricular activities such as movie tickets and other recreational activities. Clients are allowed a set allowance determined by their counsellor, and distributed twice a week and monitored.

Can I have visitors? Yes, families and non-family members are encouraged to visit, however, all visitors must be pre-approved by the client’s caseworker. Last Door’s Social Model Program supports a client’s social network to participate in the recovery journey, During COVID-19, visitation guidelines have changed.  Currently, no visitors are allowed on site.

Is there a pool? YesLast Door’s keystone facility has an indoor pool, that clients may access while they visit Keystone.  It is very common for Clients to visit the local aquatic centre, however during COVID there is some ever-changing guideline, please inquire.

Can I leave the treatment centre?  Clients are part of the New West Recovery Community, attend local mutual support groups, and may leave the site, there are client check out and check-in guidelines.

Is there a gym? Clients can access a Fitness Instructor as part of their treatment program at no costs.  The instructor comes to the facility twice a week.   Clients after stabilization can also access a local fitness facility, fees not included. Clients can not go by themselves to the GYM. Physical fitness and nutrition are a priority at Last Door, not working out.

How’s the food?  Delicious!  Meals at Last Door are prepared by a chef, Steak Night Fridays have been a long-lasting tradition.  Last Door also has over 10,000 acres of gardens and green houses, providing fresh organic ingredients for cooking.

Can I listen to music?  Yes, personal music devices are allowed, however, in common areas they are not permitted.

Who will help me with my addiction treatment?  Last Door staff is professional and made up of addiction specialists, case managers, pharmacists, recovery coaches and volunteers, more details here 

What Types of addiction treatment do you offer? Last Door offers the Social Model Program to treat addiction, more details here 

What if I have an addiction and mental health issues?  Last Door’s case manager will assess your mental health needs and make the appropriate referrals to specialized services. Each client is unique, and Last Door is flexible enough to work with complex cases.

Can I Self Refer? Yes, please call us for a consultation, some restrictions apply to pertain to your funding stream.

What are the accommodations like? Do I get my own room?  After stabilization, and completion of Primary Care, Clients can be in a private room, however Primary Care is shared accommodations to stop isolation.

Do we do airport pickups? Yes

How long is my addiction treatment program? From a 10-day intro program to 45 and 90-day workplace wellness programs, to long term 18-month programs, we can custom create a program that suits your needs.

Do you do Outpatient addiction treatment? All treatment is bed-based, we do not do outpatient addiction treatment, however, our Alumni and Family Continuing Care Programs are Virtual Groups during COVID

Where are you located? Last Door has a homelike feel consisting of a 5 building campus in an urban setting, as well Last Door has a retreat facility for Clients, on 45 acres of pristine BC Rainforests, surrounded by acres of untouched land.   Clients spend 4 nights here to ecotherapy and small case groups.

What ages do you help?  Last Door Recovery Centre has three groups, Group #1 – ages 14 to 18 years, Group #2 – ages 19 to 30, Group #3 – ages 30 and up

What do I do all week? Click here for Last Door’s Weekly Schedule

Any other questions?  Give us a call.



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