Alumni of the Month July 2012 Brendan W

My life before recovery and Last Door was a nightmare; since I was 14 I lived as the epitome of an addict. I was a person who lived only to use, a compulsive liar and a thief. I can sum up the life experience I gained in my years in active addiction as that of a career criminal and a hopeless addict. Then, at one of many bottoms, scraping along looking for the next place to start digging deeper or die, I found light. I was introduced to the Last Door Recovery Society in New West.Brendan W

I left Calgary Alberta and went to BC for treatment.  From my first day at Last Door, my life suddenly changed. For the first time I could remember I felt acceptance and love. For the longest time I had escaped feelings and left responsibility in my life by the wayside. The bond I felt at Last Door was so strong I knew I could change my life for the better. I put down my lies, deceit and self hate. I gave the program of recovery a chance and my life took off in leaps and bounds. I gained the ability to live with dignity and respect. I gained family. I gained a sense of belonging and friendship with an entire community the day I stepped in the door and have felt it ever since.

I spent 4 months at Last Door and then returned back to Calgary to go back to work and build new memories with my family.  My life after treatment at Last Door has been challenging and wonderful.  It continues to grow positively every day.  I have a program I follow as well as a recovery community in my life today. I do service, give back, sponsor and share my experience, strength and hope — so others may see that this program really does work. Today I came from Calgary back to Last Door and I am staying in a Family Suite with my Dad, Girlfriend and baby girl – I’m here to go to group and read my one year letter and to celebrate my first year clean with my family beside me. I wouldn’t want my life to be any other way. I have Last Door to thank and I am forever grateful.