from rock bottom to success

Robert J. Moore, Addiction Counsellor and Mental Health Specialist, Robert J. Moore takes the world by storm with his real time success story. Accomplished Award Winning Author, Robert’s latest book ” From rock bottom to Success” #1 Amazon Bestselling, is the face of success, and he is interviewed on glossy magazines, national TV, and Radio Shows, and invited to speak on world class stages around the globe. But not so long ago, Robert was totally destitute. Homeless and alone, he had alienated his friends and family with his drug and alcohol addiction and had nowhere to turn. He thought his journey was over, and his path was at a dead end. Then, a miracle happened… Robert has done what historically very few people have been able to do: come back from a long history of drug and alcohol addiction, a life with no purpose, no education, and no hope, to a place of hope, completing an education, and accomplishing goals at a breakneck speed. Certified Counsellor, Successful Author, Award-Winning Community Volunteer, Motivational Speaker, Robert helps others who are on this long and difficult path, from rock bottom to Success.

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