Continuing Care Addiction Recovery Support

continuing care for addiction recovery

Continuing Care Addiction Recovery Services and Support, addiction treatment is only the beginning of ongoing recovery.

Continuing Care Addiction Recovery Support

Many families have said the real work begins after treatment – long term recovery improves with ongoing support and accountability. Last Door has recognized this for close to 35 years – our long-term alumni connections indicates clients who complete treatment, regain a successful life.

Last Door Addiction Recovery Continuing Care program focus areas help clients restore balance and achieve ongoing recovery wellness in 6 key areas:

  • Family
  • Home
  • Work
  • School
  • Financial
  • Community

Transition planning includes return to work support plans for clients that support family life. Plans are tailored to individual, employer and family needs. The clinical team works with key stakeholders to support plans that include clearly defined activities, goals, expectations and conditions.

Last Door’s clinical team connects residents with successful alumni to act as role models to clients making transitions to home life and work life. Plans may include long term monitoring by Last Door staff or other professionals. Our large alumni base and professional network supports fostering connections prior to completing treatment – It is not uncommon to have Alumni return from various provinces to New Westminster to celebrate their recovery birthdays with newer clients, or simply to attend our many family and alumni focused events.

The key to recovery is connection, it challenges the isolation of active substance use. Alumni and their families are always welcome to visit and attend groups after primary treatment. This practice engages alumni throughout their long-term recovery, and helps families stay connected to other alumni and current clients. It promotes open access for people to share successes and challenges, when they arise. It reduces risks of relapse and supports alumni to find solutions to the everyday negative and positive life situations that are inevitable even with years of recovery.

Transitional Living 

Last Door also offers clients long term support with Transitional Living, (Sober Housing). Clients who have experienced multiple treatment attempts, need extra support upon completion of primary treatment.  Typical stay is between 1 year and 18 months.  Services include reintegration into school or employment.

addiction recovery treatment ongoing care

Addiction Recovery Needs Ongoing Supports

ALUMNI GROUP (Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Online)

Clients get access to Last Door’s continuing care program for life, which includes access to alumni groups, events, activities, and ongoing clinical supports when needed.  Alumni Groups take place Tuesday and Wednesday evenings, and are free for active alumni.    Alumni for out of the local area, can access these groups via conference calling technology.  It is very common for alumni to come visit Last Door post treatment to celebrate their recovery milestones.

Alumni are a key indicator of our successful addiction treatment program.   Please take a moment to review our alumni stories.

Addiction Recovery Continuing Care

Alumni Services, Alumni Groups, Alumni Engagement, Last Door treatment doesn't end with a certificate of completion, it continues for as long as you wish. Alumni get the nic name "Door Boy" there are thousands of Door Boys across North America. We can help, you overcome addiction.

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"New Westminster is probably the most important thing in my life right now, it’s the best recovery community, in my opinion for me, it’s a perfect fit to go to a meeting and see hundreds of familiar faces and a buinch of people greet me and hug me, it gives me purpose in my life


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