10 – Day Intro To Addiction Recovery

Considering treatment for your substance use?  Not ready to commit to a longer term program?  We can help you with our intro to recovery program.

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Deciding what the right treatment program is can be difficult, especially when the loved one or employee isn’t stable and is challenged in terms of decision making capacity.

Last Door’s team is available to introduce a person to addiction recovery and assist them into making good healthy choices. The medically led ten-day inpatient intro provides the ongoing stabilization, of eating and sleeping well, and connecting with like-minded people. The intro can provide a real-life experience of the foundation for improved decision making.

We recommend and can provide withdrawal management prior to our 10-day Intro to Addiction Treatment to maximize the individual’s capacity of experience and assessing treatment.

10-Day Intro To Recovery Addiction Treatment Overview

  • Physician Assessment
  • Medication Assessment and Stabilization
  • Nurse Assessment
  • Addiction Counsellor Assessment
  • Recovery Coach Assessment
  • Group Therapy Participation
  • Intro to Written Recovery Assignments
  • Relapse Prevention Support
  • Optional Ongoing Care Planning
  • Licensed, accredited addiction treatment setting
  • Longer term programs available
  • Fee for service $500 per day per day 10 days.
  • Withdrawal program may be required*

10 day addiction treatment servicesClients will interact with an the existing, vibrant recovery community. They will receive a medical assessment and stabilization by a certified Addiction Specialist Physician, as needed. They will be encouraged to attend individual therapy, group counseling, drug and alcohol educational groups, and a community mutual-aid program.

Clients will be provided written assignments, to support their recovery journey and begin the self-reflection necessary for healthier decision making and coping skills. Our program encourages family involvement and provides additional family therapy options and support.

Upon completion of 10 Day Intro clients can choose to continue treatment or follow their identified discharge plan. The plan is created by them and their case worker and may include options for online counselling, weekly recovery coaching, or participation in a monitoring program for the client who may be returning home to family and employment.

Contact our addiction treatment access team today to see if you qualify for our 10-day Intro to Addiction Treatment Recovery Program.

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"New Westminster is probably the most important thing in my life right now, it’s the best recovery community, in my opinion for me, it’s a perfect fit to go to a meeting and see hundreds of familiar faces and a buinch of people greet me and hug me, it gives me purpose in my life

Scott G

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