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Weekend Family Program Retreat 

Limited Space Available 

family addiction treatment

Last Door Recovery Society’s Keystone Family Enhancement Program is a four day, focused therapy and education retreat that takes place at our 40 acre rural retreat property in Mission, BC. The amenities include a heated pool, sauna, billiards, media room, gardens and exceptional accommodations and meals in a peaceful rural setting. There is plenty of parking available on site. The program has space for up to ten participants.

The group sessions are designed as learning tools for family members who have struggled with a loved one’s addiction. Session are facilitated by Certified Addictions Specialists who have years of experience in the treatment field and who can inspire, educate and offer hope in equal measure.

Participants will develop and take away their own individual Recovery Plan and have the opportunity to meet and form a network of support with others families. It is anticipated that family members will come away with renewed hope and concrete tools to not just survive but continue to thrive despite the presence of addiction in their respective families. There will be opportunity to learn, grown and relax and reflect in the course of the Family Weekend.

As Addiction takes hold of an individual, it becomes the main motivating factor in their life, most often at the cost of all that was important to them including familial relationships. No one is prepared for this and it is difficult to comprehend. Many family members begin to question themselves, wondering where they went wrong: yelling, crying, begging, fixing, ignoring, and trying only that much harder to stop the pain and save their loved one.

Our four day Family Enhancement Program where friends and family can enter into their own journey of healing from this devastating disease and begin to experience the hope of recovery.

What to Expect:

In keeping with our abstinence model we ask that all participants refrain from any mind or mood altering substances, including drugs and alcohol and also refrain from smoking, vaping, or using nicotine replacement products for the duration of the weekend.

Led by Certified Addiction Counsellors, the Last Door Recovery Society collaborating with Interventions On Demand Family Intensive will provide you an opportunity to explore yourself in a safe nonjudgmental community, in which you can obtain a deeper understanding about addiction, co-dependency and develop tools and strategies to support you in making healthy changes for you and your family. The Facilitators will utilize a range of modalities including Twelve Step, experiential and group processes along with psycho-educational workshops.

Topics Include:

  • Family Systems
  • Co-dependency
  • Boundaries
  • Enabling
  • Communication
  • Family Dynamics
  • Wellness Wheel
  • Self-Care
  • Recovery Planning
  • Recovery Community Networking


  1. Education: Family dynamics are the patterns of relating, or interactions, between family members. Each family system and its dynamics are unique, although there are some common patterns. All families have some helpful and some unhelpful dynamics.  We will learn about Family Systems, Family Roles and dynamics and Co-dependency in a way that helps you understand behaviours that helped us survive but do not keep us well. These teaching will help participants have a good understanding of survival behaviours and ways to make changes necessary to help our loved ones and ourselves.
  1. Recovery Planning: You will be guided through a process of developing an Recovery Enhancement Action Plan.  “REAP”. This Plan will help each individual identify a few small and easily accomplished steps to take away and practice. You will need to set aside time each day to reflect on your reasons for making this change. You will develop guidelines in establishing your personal goals, a good place to start is at the retreat.  On a daily basis, you can review how you are doing. What is working? What isn’t? Revise your plan as you go.
  1. Networking & Resources: You are not alone! Developing new connections and resources to help each participant when returning home. With the help of the group you will develop a support system tailored to your needs and know where to go to stay connected to support.

Who are the facilitators?

Linda Lane-Devlin ICADC, Louise Cooksey ICADC, CCS, CACC and David Pavlus, ICADC, CCS, CACC have 80+ combined years of addiction counselling experience. This dynamic team are leaders in the addiction field and bring expertise, experience and a truly dynamic and creative approach to helping families.

This All-Inclusive Retreat Includes:

  • Accommodation
  • All meals and snacks (delicious cuisine)
  • This retreat starts at 4 pm on the Friday and ends at noon on the last day.

Fee Structure:

  • $5,000 – Per Couple, private room
  • $2,500 – Per Person, shared accommodation, with shared bath
  • $1,800 – Commuter (includes meals, therapy, but not accommodation)
  • Current Clients, there are no charges for their families to participate in the Retreat Program, special thanks to donations to our Family Program
  • These prices are in Canadian dollars

Getting to Keystone is easy:

  • The closest airports are Abbotsford or Vancouver Airports
  • Bring your car, rent a car, or optional pick-up at the airport
  • Keystone is located in Mission BC, secluded private location, yet close to highways and hospitals



  • 4:00 PM        Arrive, Check in
  • 6:00              Orientation and facility, Tour
  • 7:30              Introductory Lecture/Presentation
  • 8:30              Coffee and Conversation with snacks
  • 9:30              Group: Introductions & Creation of Guiding Principles
  • 10:00            What is Recovery
  • 10:30            Journal


  • 7:30 am        Wake-up call
  • 7:30              Coffee and conversation
  • 8:00              Morning Walk
  • 9:00              Breakfast
  • 9:45              Module 1: Family Systems
  • 10:45            Coffee and a Conversation with snacks
  • 11:30            Keynote Speaker
  • 12:30            Lunch, Free time
  • 2:00              Module 2: Co Dependency
  • 4:00              Free Time, Pool/ Sauna/Hike
  • 5:30              Daily Debrief
  • 5:45              Dinner
  • 7:30              Group Education: Meetings and Sharing Honestly
  • 9:00              Coffee and conversation
  • 9:30              Group Campfire
  • 10:30            Journal


  • 7:30 am        Morning –Wake-up call
  • 7:30              Coffee and conversation
  • 8:00              Walk or Meditation
  • 9:00              Breakfast
  • 9:45              Moduel 3: Recovery Planning and Wellness
  • 10:45            Coffee and Conversation
  • 11:00            Group Education – Recovery Planning
  • 12:30            Lunch & Free Time
  • 2:00              Module 4: Building Support
  • 4:00              Relax, Free Time, Pool/Sauna/Hike
  • 5:30              Daily Debrief
  • 5:45              Dinner
  • 7:00              Meeting-Outside or in House
  • 9:00              Coffee and Conversation
  • 9:30              Group Education: Writing the Recovery Plan
  • 10:15            Movie, Campfire, Game, Journal


  • 7:30 am        Morning Wake-up call
  • 8:00              Coffee and Conversation with Snacks
  • 8:00              Relax, Free Time, Pool/Sauna/Hike
  • 9:00              Breakfast and clean-up
  • 10:00            Group Education:  Sharing Recovery Plans
  • 12:00            Lunch
  • 1:00              Check out

How to register:

  • Please call 604-525-9771 and ask for Giuseppe to book by telephone
  • Payment can be made online, by mail, or by telephone
  • Download Registration Form here, complete an email to or fax to 604-525-3896
  • Retreat fees are included in treatment costs
  • For those who do not have a loved one in treatment, costs are $2,500 per person.

Thank you