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“At the Last Door Youth Program recovery from addiction is a lifelong process. The youth will continue to grow, facing life’s challenges outside of treatment and maintaining recovery throughout their lives. While many youth are returning to the comfort of their family homes, many will be living on their own. Either way, the transition from treatment to living independently can be jarring for a lot of these youth. We have made the Lifeskills Group a program component to help youth develop skills to navigate their futures.

Lifeskills Group meets twice weekly where various topics are discussed in a didactic group setting. A variety of learning tools are used in group including educational videos, documentaries, worksheets, guest speakers and “field trips”. What may seem like common knowledge to some can be missed by someone who has spent years investing in the addiction lifestyle. To address this factor, group topics include but limited to, Health and Nutrition, Budgeting, Dental Care, Goal Setting, Time management, Financial Planning, etc… Potential relapse risks such as gambling, steroid abuse and vaping are also addressed.

We are very lucky to have community members as guest speakers in our Lifeskills groups. This includes nurses from the Fraser Health Authority that offer education on STIs. Dr Robert Toews, a local dentist has presented numerous times on Dental Care and gifts the youth with new tooth-brushes and tooth-paste! Local financial institutions send staff to present banking, tax and financial planning tips.

An experiential exercise is a group that our guys maintain is their favourite! This is the “Grocery Shopping” group. In this group our guys are put into pairs, given $10 per pair and then taken to the nearby grocery store with the goal of getting everything they need to make themselves lunch that day. The goal of this group is to teach them to confidently feed themselves a nutritious meal after a long day’s work while managing their time well enough to be able to attend an evening meeting. A job well done!”

addiction treatment group

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"I'm back in school, finally doing the things I want to do. I didn't want to go to treatment, but I'm glad I did."

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