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addiction treatment and fitnessClients have access to weekly fitness training to build their physical recovery capital.

Clients response to this program has been extremely well, with healthy organic farm to table fruits and vegetables for meals from Last Door’s Gardens, complemented by weekly fitness classes, clients become healthy.

Stay tuned for outcomes on this program.

Adam Haber is a registered BCRPA certified personal trainer who owns and operates Adam Haber Fitness and Training.  Adam holds other certifications; he is a certified fitness leader, certified weight trainer injury specialist, and certified in group training, muscle testing and function, nutrition, sports supplements, training the ageing population, and training professional athletes. Adman holds active First Aid CPR certification and has current liability insurance.  Adam is committed to ongoing re-certification training and education. Adam currently works as a strength and conditioning coach for numerous MMA fighters, including two former and two current UFC fighters.

When meeting with our clients, Adam adheres to strict safety protocols and assesses the client’s introductory level knowledge, develops, and writes an individual training program for each person.

fitness and addiction treatmentAdam starts by teaching all clients proper range of motion and breathing techniques. As an alumnus of Last Door Recovery Centre, Adam has lived recovery experience and has been active in his personal recovery program for over a decade.

This personal experience gives him an advantage in understanding and teaching s the fundamentals of health to individuals in early recovery.


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