Last Door E News – November 2018 Issue #80

Alumni of the Month – Steve S.

This is part of my story, I grew up in a good family with love and care and had a great child hood. I had everything a kid could dream of and had all the support to be successful but I picked up drinking and drugging. I was a soul who was completely lost, broken and destroyed by the disease of addiction. I started using socially in high school with what I thought were the cool kids, quickly it went from socially partying to being wired to drugs. The drugs took my soul and I had some really dark painful days, dragging my loved ones through the pain and darkness with me. My family did not sleep properly for years, waiting for that phone call that there son was either in jail or dead .…… recently I got into a motor cycle accident that was life altering. I was hospitalized for over a month and was put onto pain medications that I used to abuse,

To read more about Steve’s recovery addiction story visit here

Recovery Capital Conference of Canada Success – Thank you!

Over 500 registrants attended the inaugural 2 day Recovery Capital Conference of Canada, due to high demand, we have scheduled the 2018 Conference for September 6th and 7th 2018 at the Anvil Centre in New Westminster BC.   The theme of conversations during the conference was breaking down the silos so harm reduction and abstinence treatment can work together.  Evidence shows that recovery and harm reduction both work for individuals’ chosen path.  

To access the data, surveys and presentations click here, see what people had to say 

Recovery Capital Conference Stakeholder Meetings

During the Recovery Capital Conference of Canada, addiction recovery stakeholders engaged in conversations, connected and reconnect with colleagues, friends and allies – acknowledging challenges and shortfalls of implementing evidence-based models in the national and local healthcare system contexts.

The energy and commitment to address Canadians’ complex mental health and addiction issues was evident throughout the conference. We provided a brief opportunity to begin the conversation about Recovery Capital – where we are and where we need to go as systems of care, organizations and individuals.  Recovery Capital interacts with problem severity to shape the intensity and duration of support needed to initiate and sustain recovery.

To see the two addiction recovery stakeholders conversation outcome please visit here

What is Social Model Program

The science and effectiveness of Social Model Programs for addiction recovery.

A 35 year overview. Louise Cooksey, CCS, ICADC

Reflecting on my career in addictions treatment, I haven’t felt blessed every single day, but it’s never boring. My personal motivation for continually learning remains intact. Cofounding and growing a vibrant social model program at Last Door has mirrored the evolution of my career from a profession to a well-chosen vocation. From intentionally focused learnings, my experience is similar to others who consider themselves “expert practitioners” of social model programming. I intend to capitalize on my transition into retirement with a stronger advocacy role for social model programming. The Recovery Capital conference provides opportunities for recovery people, professionals and policy makers to engage in open dialogue to influence, and mobilize strategic focuses to effectively impact and improve mental health and recovery. Last Door Recovery Society is engaging in a five-year study intended to evaluate the effectiveness of two social model programs in British Columbia. This model quietly reminds us, as professionals and clients, we are all accountable to foster recovery capital within our communities.

To read more about the science of social model programs visit here 

Recovery Oriented Systems of Care

Recovery Oriented Systems of Care
Just a new label for addiction treatment?


Inspired by the growing grassroots movement of people successfully recovering from addiction and mental health problems, we are beginning to see fundamental transformation in our systems of addiction and mental health service delivery. When we attempted to treat addictions, notoriously chronic by nature, using an acute care model using brief bouts of intensive specialized treatment, we often experienced frustration when our patients relapsed requiring yet another expensive bout of intensive specialized treatment.


To read more on Recovery-Oriented Systems of Care, visit here

Korean TV comes to Last Door

We were THRILLED to host a visit from KBS (Korea) the Korean Broadcasting System to document Last Door’s addiction treatment program. Korea’s addiction numbers are skyrocketing, this news-show could be seen by millions of South Koreans and help remove the stigma of addiction found there, and inspire someone to find a new way to live. Thank you KBS World for filming today, asking the right questions, and trusting Last Door’s philosophy for South Koreans. 


Korean TV interviews Last Door

Last Door a global influence…. Korea's largest TV Network KBS the Korean Broadcasting System visited Last Door to learn about what Recovery from drugs and alcohol looks like in Canada. Korea has seen a rise in substance use, and came to the experts for insight. The show aired with millions of viewers tuning in. Thank you KBS, we hope our message of recovery helps.#Korea #SouthKorea #Addiction #Recovery #NewWestRecovery

Posted by Last Door Recovery Society on Friday, September 1, 2017

Leave your Mark

INSPIRE  A NEW GUY and LEAVE YOUR MARK engraved on our recovery wall. Everyday new guys are checking into Last Door, this wall will be the first thing they see while they wait for an intake worker. Leave a permanent message of experience, strength and hope for the new guys, their parents, wives and partners… let them know that people care and that long term recovery is possible.  Space available now!   

To order a plaque and select placement email or call 1-888-525-9771.  

Family Program Retreat


Weekend Retreat November 17, 18, 19  and 20 is FULL, please call 604-525-9771 to be placed on the wait list for our next Retreat, Retreats run ever 3 months for up to 15 people.

Participants will develop and take away their own individual Recovery Plan and have the opportunity to meet and form a network of support with others families. It is anticipated that family members will come away with renewed hope and concrete tools to not just survive but continue to thrive despite the presence of addiction in their respective families. There will be opportunity to learn, grown and relax and reflect in the course of the Family Weekend.

To learn more about addiction recovery for the family visit here

Talk Recovery – Over 3 years of Broadcasting recovery on 100.5 fm

Powered by Last Door #NewWestRecovery

Every Thursday Last Door produces Talk Recovery, a live radio show from noon to 1 pm on 100.5 FM Vancouver Coop Radio. Talk Recovery interviews guests to learn about all the pathways to recovery.   Thanks for listening, and if you would like to be on our show, email

Listen to repeat shows here

Connection Project 2017  – THANK YOU for $75,0000

This money was used to bring fun in recovery to thousands of people throughout the year, while raising awareness that being clean and sober is possible.  

The Connection Project 2017

ISOLATION is a reality for many ADDICTS. Our message is that “CONNECTION” and “RECOVERY” can help stop the overdose crisis.  Last Door Recovery Society’s “Connection Project” helps connect people to their community, giving them a sense of PURPOSE, a sense of PRIDE.  Each year we seek donations from stakeholders and supporters to help fund our community events. 

Every dollar spent on recovery, saves $6 on addiction related health care costs.

More details on the connection project can be found here 


35th Anniversary Gala Dinner

Do you want to be part of the planning committee for Last Door’s 35th Anniversary Celebrations in 2019?

Our next committee meeting is being held on December 13th at 6 pm in Last Door’s Board Room.

Come be part of the celebrations.

Breaking the chains of addiction since 1984

Everyone is welcome to be part of.

Last Door was pleased to meet with the Minister of Mental Health and Addictions Judy Darcy this month to share stories of recovery, and highlight how the continuum of care should always include a journey to abstinence for those who choose that option.  We are grateful to our current government for taking the time to listen to stories.

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