Last Door Keystone Jam

Addiction Recovery Stories

Healthy Eating and Addiction Recovery

For your $40 Contribution to addiction recovery, receive a 3 pack of low sugar, hand-cooked Keystone Organic Jams produced at Keystone.

Last Door’s Keystone Retreat organic gardens provide nutrients and the farm to table experience to our clients in early recovery.

Healthy eating makes addiction recovery easier as people stabilize.   You’re supporting this journey.

3 Pack of Jam

  • Strawberry
  • Blueberry
  • Raspberry

Organic Keystone Jam


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Once we receive your order, Jordan will call you to schedule curbside pick up, or delivery.  if you choose for delivery, we will courier you it at a minimum of $20. or depending on location.

More information on the Role of Nutrition in recovery from alcohol and drug addiction

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