Isha Judd System

This week on Talk Recovery Radio we speak with Matthew Schmidt about the Isha Judd System, a form of meditation focused in love consciousness and how it can help with Mental Health and Addiction recovery.

Plus a personal story with Angus, and his personal experience with the Isha System.


Matt is a facilitator of the Isha Judd System which is a form of meditation focused in love consciousness. Matt came across The Isha Judd System when he found he was having extremely bad anxiety and was drinking heavy and smoking. Matt realized something had to change because he had fallen into addiction and tried to read every self-help book and eventually found one book that was called “Why Walk When You Can Fly” who Isha Judd authored. The book talks about a simple system that you focus on being present in the moment and being grateful. That book changed Matt’s life completely. When people separate from themselves which makes people fall into addiction because it is a substitute for the experience people are missing.

The Isha Judd system has a very large recovery community.  A lot of it being throughout the Americas, now in North America but lots in Latin America. Because the Isha Judd system is you and wherever you are there is community. When you love yourself there is community. People do not learn to be present, children are present but as life goes on people go through traumas some minor and some major and that allows people to create separation and when you separate from yourself that seperates you from the moment and you lose connection and to be present. Once people lose connections they start to get anxious which includes addictions because addictions are a substitute for an experience of love.

This is how the meditation integrated with complementary practices develops the self and coexistence: by leading us to a state of inner peace and incorporating values that generate the experience of a positive behavioral change. From a theoretical and practical point of view, self-knowledge educational principles have the same effect and all the components of Educational Meditation work synergistically.