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Last Door shares addiction recovery stories through blog writing, alumni of the month stories, and our weekly radio show Talk Recovery. Overcoming addiction through sharing our experience, strength, hope and media.  Share the wisdom.

Flow with your CHO

Happiness is recovery from addiction

April 4, 2019  Talk Recovery Radio

Sustainable Menu

Horticultural Therapy

April 2, 2019  Addiction Recovery Stories

April 2019 Newsletter

Addiction Recovery News

March 30, 2019  Addiction Recovery Stories

Safe Care Act for addiction treatment

Will the Safe Care Act help with the overdose crisis?

March 30, 2019  Addiction Recovery Stories

Video Games and Addiction

A mother's video game addiction recovery story

March 30, 2019  Addiction Recovery Stories

Alumni of the Month – Kurt

5 years clean from Video Game Addiction

March 30, 2019  Alumni of the Month

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