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Issue #63 February 2015


“Groundbreaking… 12 days to opiate freedom”

For the past ten years harm reduction practices have refocused the aims in addiction treatment. As a result, drug replacement therapies have gained acceptance in the addiction treatment field. Unfortunately abstinence based treatment as part of the spectrum of harm reduction has been largely ignored. While reviewing its screening calls two years ago, Last Door noticed a marked increase in young men abusing Oxycodone and Fentanyl® either by prescription or illicit trade. Something needed to be done. To read more about the solution and to learn more on Last Door’s new Suboxone withdrawal management service please visit

  • Family Program “Family Fun Day” July 4
  • Alberta Alumni Day July 11
  • Clean Sober and Proud August 2
  • Door Slam August 22
  • Sun Run Team April 19

Last Door hosts many recovery events for our clients, alumni and supporters. Families of clients and alumni are encouraged to participate to help make recovery part of the family dynamics. Addiction has been part of a client’s family dynamics for too long, having fun in recovery changes everyone’s perspective while creating new memories.

All are welcome to participate, and if you would like to support Last Door’s recreational budget, please visit our website and donate online. Clients also play in dodge ball tournaments, they attend plays and participate in other types of activities that broaden the recovery experience; including two weekly Mixed Martial Arts classes coached by an addiction counsellor. Stay tuned to our facebook page for more details as they are announced.

Every week Last Door powers up the air ways with Talk Recovery, a radio show about addiction and recovery issues. Expert Guests from across North America discuss the many paths to recovery with us on 100.5 fm in Vancouver.
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  • The Science Behind 12 Step Recovery
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“I believed residential treatment wasn’t for me as I was established, with a home, a career, pets, and myriad responsibilities that I couldn’t abandon to work on myself. I feared the loss of my job more than dying in addiction.”

Please read more of Graham’s incredible story of recovery.

Practicum students with graduate and undergraduate level assignments have been part of the Last Door recovery community for many years. This year was no exception… but we were blessed with a larger variety and number of students who were eager to broaden their understanding of addictions treatment. A practicum is a course in a specialized field of knowledge that is designed to give a student supervised practical application of their in class theoretical work.

The Last Door participates in these programs with provincial educational institutions. This year three students from Douglas University, Psychology Department, a masters level MSW student from UBC and a BSW student from Fraser Valley University.

NEW PTSD Program Promises Recovery


Last Door’s innovative NeuroTrophic Stimulation Therapy [NTST] Program offers treatment for clients with PTSD and Addictions. Each month we showcase one the program’s feature, last month we showcased the benefits of the Brain Scans performed at intake and at 100 days of treatment.This issue we will discuss the program’s Neural Auricular Acupuncture features.

NTST Neural Auricular Acupuncture

One of the most prominent biomedical acupunctural approaches, Neural Auricular (ear) Acupuncture is used worldwide since the 1970’s. It includes a large number of different protocols such as the ‘5 needle’ NADA protocol specifically developed for addictions and PTSD treatment; and also includes the latest Auricular Trauma Protocol, “a 6 point auricular acupuncture protocol to influence neuro-anatomical and psycho-emotional targets of trauma”.

The ear represents a micro-system reflecting the whole body with complex innervation networks connected to specific controlling structures of the brain. When stimulated, such central neural controls are able to reduce physiological dysfunction, pain and discomfort, and calm hypersensitivities and emotional unrest, as they support proper brain function and regulation.

Each treatment procedure includes a root-treatment shown to be universally applicable to each patient, plus a further customized protocol suiting each patient’s condition and symptoms. International peer-reviewed biomedical and scientific literature shows Auricular Medicine to be an effective way of reducing symptoms of PTSD and concurrent disorders. Customized treatments allow for longitudinal protocols with improved restorative responses and appropriate healing stabilization periods. It is also shown to be effective for rapidly reducing physical, cognitive and mental symptoms of Postural Deficiency Syndrome [PDS] experienced by both populations of Trauma Brain Injury [TBI] patients and PTSD.

For several decades Neural Auricular Acupuncture has been used in the Armed Forces and civilian world with demonstrable success in restoring awareness and re-synchronizing the patient’s mind-body connection. Improve relaxation and patient serenity are noticeable in early treatment sessions.

To book an assessment to see if you or your client is eligible for NTST – Last Door’s PTSD and Addiction Treatment Program please call 1-888-525-9771.

Employees can be addicted

Drugs and Alcohol in the Workplace – Wrestling with the Elephant in the Room Conference.

Leaders from all over western Canada will be gathering at the Coast Capri Hotel in Kelowna to focus on the issue of substance use and impairment in the workplace. Join us for this important and dynamic occupational health and safety event March 10-12th and help build better workplaces that are SAFE and productive!


  • March 10, 11 & 12, 2015
  • 3 Days of Networking and Learning
  • All Conference Delegates and Training Day Participants receive Certificates of Education Hours.

Call us at 604-525-9771 to arrange your monthly contribution, help support the growth of Last Door’s Family Program and client services.

The clinical benefits of Last Door’s written exercises are well known in the recovery community. Last Door created these exercises over 30 years ago and adapted them through time to improve the recovery experience for clients and their families. Many of the recovery centres across the mainland have copied and use these exercises for their clients.

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