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Last Door Addiction Treatment Centre for Youth, Adults & Families

We will go above and beyond for you. We're more than just an addiction rehab centre, we are a community. We can help you overcome addiction. Since 1984 Last Door's recovery community of addiction treatment certified counselors, support workers and volunteers have supported families to heal from the impacts of substance use. Last Door's Addiction Treatment Centre provides licensed, accredited and evidence-based medically led addiction treatment services in a vibrant homelike setting for people from across North America. Specialized, effective and coordinated residential recovery programs are offered for youth, emerging adults and adult men; 14 to 18, 19 to 30, and over 30 years of age. Last Door also offers family enhancement programs for partners, parents, grandparents and siblings. Last Door offers three environments over six facilities. Last Door's Adult Addiction Treatment Program and Last Door's Youth Addiction Treatment Program are located in the City of New Westminster, which is dubbed the Recovery Capital of Canada. Last Door also provides horticultural therapy and wilderness therapy at its 50 acre rural property called "Keystone" located one hour outside of Metro Vancouver, among beautiful pristine BC mountains. Please navigate our website to see how we can help you, your employees and your loved ones. For those who are not sure if ‘treatment’ is right for them, clients can participate in a daily program viewing and a 10-day intro to recovery program. Call us today for a free addiction treatment consultation. We can help.

Addiction Treatment Program


Treatment is viewed as a starting point to a healthier, recovery-based life, free from the impacts of active addiction. Primary Care Facilities are located in uptown New Westminster, BC. Clients get immersed into a vibrant recovery community, and learn through experiential learning on how to rebuild their life. Clients also have access to a beautiful retreat property in a rural area.

Youth Addiction Treatment Program

MALES 14 TO 18

Experience-based education and learning challenges youth to develop healthy values, attitudes, beliefs and behaviors. The ultimate goal is increased self esteem and improved decision making to support a healthier, recovery-based life, free from the impacts of active addiction. Our clinical teams assist clients to navigate help for mental health challenges, education and job readiness skills.



Last Door's Residential Withdrawal Management and Stabilization Program includes private in-patient medically supported drug and alcohol detox with a physician, nurse and recovery coach. Employees in safety-sensitive roles often use this service to begin their recovery from addiction and return to work.

Addiction Intervention


We can provide referrals to licensed Interventionists who provide a variety of services including intervention, life coaching, consultation and case management. Together you will help clarify needs and develop plans for recovery that may or may not include our services.

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Last Door supports individuals and families recover from drug addictionalcohol addiction, gambling addictionvideo gaming addiction, internet addiction and nicotine addiction.

ABOUT THIS VIDEO – This is what drug treatment looks like at Last Door Recovery Centre.  Last Door connects people to community and their family, while participating in a medically led addiction treatment recovery program.   We help clients and their families build Recovery Capital to overcome addiction.

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“It was important to do long term treatment because I got to establish social skills and other skills that related to, getting clean and being back in a community and getting job skills and using those things to intergrade back into a community.”

Austin H

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Celebrating 35 years of  providing therapeutic environments where individuals and families experiencing addiction can gain support and guidance to restore themselves to mental, spiritual, physical and emotional health.   Last Door ensures new clients are entering a healthy, stable environment by encouraging high standards for recovery.  Staying solution focus, clients feel safe and inspired to change.  Families also recover from addiction at Last Door, included in a client's treatment program is Last Door's Keystone Family Enhancement 4 Day Retreat.  Our tag line since 1984 has been  “Breaking the chains of addiction” call us to find out how we can help you or your loved one, break free from the harms of addiction.
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