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For over the past 35 years Last Door Recovery Centre has been providing Edmonton Addiction Treatment Centre and Recovery Services.  Hundreds of Edmonton Residents have come to Last Door Recovery Centre in BC for addiction treatment and upon completion, they return to their home community to lead stable lives in recovery.

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Addiction Treatment Programs

Edmonton Resident Addiction Recovery Story

Hear Roman’s recovery story.  Roman came to BC for treatment from Edmonton, unemployed and broken relationships. Today he is a business owner, watch to see how he did.

Edmonton Addiction Treatment and Recovery Services for Alcohol and Drug Use

Last Door Recovery Centre’s Edmonton alcohol and drug addiction treatment program involves both the individual and his social and physical environment. The therapeutic focus is on the social and behavioral aspects of the client who is living in a community where recovery is the “norm”.  In the course of treatment at Last Door,  clients are presented with opportunities to modify and overcome their addictive behaviors and patterns.   Thousands of people have found recovery from heavy drinking and dangerous drug use, restoring their lives through treatment at Last Door Recovery Centre.

Youth and Adult Treatment Services provided in an Accredited Licensed facility.

Clients participate in daily drug and alcohol addiction therapy, group therapy led by qualified certified drug and alcohol rehab staff while participating in community support programs.  Clients with careers are assisted with Return-to-Work Case Management, Safety Sensitive Reviews, Education and Vocational Case Management, Ongoing Post Treatment Access via weekly Continuing Care  Groups, and Aftercare Groups located in Edmonton Alberta.

group therapy for addiction recovery services for Edmonton residents. Edmonton Addiction TreatmentLast Door’s Edmonton alcohol addiction treatment program encourages clients to make healthy and informed lifestyle choices.  Clients become more aware of the numerous lifestyle choices they can make and choose those that will enhance the quality of their lives while in treatment and post-treatment drug and alcohol-free.

Last Door is a gateway to a life in recovery. No certificates. No Diplomas! Instead, clients are coached into living and enjoying life by successfully completing alcohol addiction treatment and establishing a strong network of Recovery Capital in their home communities. Clients are always welcome to visit and attend groups after they have completed core treatment. This system of perpetual access allows clients to stay connected and continue to find solutions to everyday life circumstances. Life shows up even with years of recovery and a network of support is integral to ongoing recovery.

To provide better addiction services in Edmonton, Last Door has affiliated with Addiction Recovery Agencies in Edmonton to help with individuals with pre-treatment and post-treatment addiction services.  Call us at 1-888-525-9771 to begin your recovery journey.

Last Door’s Edmonton Addiction Treatment Services – Youth and Adult inpatient residential treatment facilities are located in New Westminster BC, clients from Edmonton attend treatment at Last Door for Primary Care.

Edmonton Addiction Recovery Service Structure

Last Door Recovery Centre Edmonton Addiction Treatment Services

Continuing Care Services also include:

  • Comprehensive Assessment
  • Pre-Residential Treatment Counselling
  • Treatment Planning
  • Continuing Care Group Therapy (post-residential treatment)
  • Continuing Individual Therapy
  • Drug Monitoring
  • Consultation, Individual Counselling, Assessments
  • Psycho-education for families
  • Group Therapy and Aftercare

Why Do People From Across Canada come to the Last Door Recovery Centre for Treatment?

Last Door Recovery Society is dubbed the Recovery Captial of Canada with one of the largest recovery communities, people who come to New Westminster BC at Last Door are engaged in a vibrant high structured recovery community that builds Recovery Capital in an individual.  When your loved one returns home they are equipped not just with the knowledge of recovery, but the experience.  Call us to find out more or click here for more about our community

Building Recovery Capital in Alberta

A sold-out 1300 Person Crowd attended the Recovery Capital Conference in February of 2023 at the Hyatt, in 2024, the conference will be held in September at the Convention Centre, with 2,500 people attending.  Our last conference was over 50 percent of Indigenous Health Teams, thank you!

Last Door hosts the Recovery Capital Conference,  Last Door believes that building Recovery Capital in Workplaces, Communities and Healthcare will help us overcome Canada’s Addiction Crisis. Government, Health Care, Recovery Workers, and Harm Reduction Workers joined the conference that engaged healthcare professionals, workplace wellness leads and families to foster Recovery Orirented Systems of Care that build Recovery Capital to Overcome Addiction

More details on the conference can be found at http://recoverycapitalconference.com/

ROSC Recovery Capital Addiction Recovery

More Alberta Addiction Recovery Services.

Edmonton Outpatient Addiction Treatment Services

Homewood Edmonton can provide continuing care for Last Door’s Clients. Leaving treatment with a confining care plan is crucial to long term recovery services.


Edmonton Family and Youth Addiction Services

Parents Empowering Parents (PEP) Society Free support & education for individuals or families concerned about their child’s substance use or addiction. Everyone welcome, including parents concerned about adult children. Professionally facilitated weekly meetings, Tuesdays, 7:00pm to 9:00pm, alternating locations between Strathcona County Hall (2001 Sherwood Drive, Sherwood Park, Alberta) and Sunrise Church in Millwoods (3303-37 Street, Edmonton, Alberta).

No registration required. Parent Support Line for questions or concerns 780.293.0737. www.pepsociety.ca

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