Family Addiction Treatment Program

Participate in our 4 day Family Retreat Programs at Keystone Family Retreat Facility – more details here

Family Addiction Treatment Support includes:Family Rehab Program

  • Family Suites*
  • Family 4 day Retreats
  • Parent’s Group, Every Wednesday at 7pm
  • Co-Parenting Group, Every Thursday at 5:45 pm
  • Partner’s Group, Every Tuesday at 7:00 (Peer Support Group)
  • Couple’s Counselling, one on one appointments
  • Social Activities
  • Coping Skills
  • Introduction to Self-Help Groups
  • Boundaries and Enabling Solutions

*Family Suites include accommodations and meals at no additional charge, suites accommodate up to six adults and are child friendly.

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family-program2Addiction inevitably becomes a family problem; loved ones often struggle right along with the addict during active addiction. In some cases there have been long periods of estrangement. Because addiction does not take place in a vacuum, it follows that optimum recovery requires mending of both the individual and their family relationships.

Last Door Family Program is designed to offer support for regaining trust, ensuring responsibility, forgiveness and achieving structured accountability.

Through the group and individual sessions, families can learn what recovery looks like; they gain understanding of the language and concepts that are fundamental to supporting someone who is in recovery. Everyone involved can achieve freedom from addiction and learn a new way of life.

Active family participation in the recovery process leads to optimum benefits from treatment. Many families have healed and become whole as result of the principles they have learned and the support gained in the Family Program.

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For more details regarding Last Door’s Family Program Groups and Services please call us 1-888-525-9771

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here is a video of our Family Fun Day, we connect families to help with the recovery journey