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Addiction is a family issue, and so is recovery, we can help the family recovery.

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Monday Evening Friends and Family Mutual Support Group

It is important that clients seeking treatment for addiction attend group sessions, understand addictive behaviours and develop coping mechanisms to prevent relapse.  A great deal of work goes into treating addiction, likewise we would encourage families to work in tandem with their loved one.

Family and friend recovery is essential for the health and well-being of the family member.  There are worldwide fellowships for persons affected by someone else’s addiction.  Family members and friends are encouraged to attend these support programs where stories that highlight shared experience, avenues of hope and the support of friends which are all used to maintain personal well-being and a supportive environment for the client in treatment.

Many family members have found that working on their personal journey of recovery from behaviours that were at times unhealthy provided both relief from chaos and refocusing of the energy that was spent on preserving and maintaining the client till treatment readiness appeared.

Every Monday evening one such group of families and friends meets in the group room annex al Last Door.  There are no professionals or experts.  There are friends and families who have struggled with the addiction of a loved one.  Each one working in groups or individually to integrate an understanding of addiction recovery into their own lives.

We have seen positive results come from learning coping skills and integrating them into your daily life.

It does not matter how you got here, only where you are going as you journey toward and through healing.  People with family members who struggle with addiction need to be supported so they can support their family.  Attending a family support group and a twelve step program can help heal the effects of substance use disorder on the whole family.

Participation can help rebuild trust!

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"Treatment at Last Door gave me hope for the future and I like keeping in touch with the new guys that are in treatment, I'm glad my priorities changed"

Jason P

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