Alumni of the Mont – Troy

Alumni of the Month

Before coming to the Last Door my life was an incomplete and utter ruin. I could not hold a job for more than a couple months, I was no longer invited to any family functions, my Parents were screening my calls and my wife was ready to have me leave. I hated myself, to say the least, and had almost given up on life. I knew that my addiction had made my life unmanageable, but I could not admit to myself that I was powerless over my addiction.

Finally, in complete desperation, I contacted Conner at the Last Door. I arrived Beaten down by addiction but was greeted by a large “family” of councillors and fellow addicts with one mutual goal…to help each other get back up and become productive members of society. I never knew how much I needed the friendship and Love I received from everyone at the Door. Not only did I learn how to control my addiction, but I was also taught so much more about overcoming so many of my defects of character.

I am now 19 months clean. I have a wonderful loving marriage; I talk to my family and visit several times a week. I have respect from my peers and a good solid foundation of honesty and openness in my recovery. I am now becoming the man, husband, son, and friend I have always wanted to be, and I have learned to love myself again. Now I try to share my story and participate in Service work to give back to the recovery community that gave so much to me. I can never thank all the good people at Last Door enough for the life they have taught me to live.


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