Alumni of the Month May 2010 Randal S

I was 17 years old living in Surrey in and out of foster homes using drugs and Alcohol every day.  I was registered in High School but never attended therefore I guess you can say I was a drop out.  Always In and out of jail, being a disturbance to everyone and no future or purpose I was on the road being the “going nowhere” guy.  I was stoned every day since I was 11 years old.

After being in the hospital more than six times and close to death due to a near fatal accident while being drunk my life was being wasted away.

I still kept breaching my probation and eventually the consequences came that I needed to go to treatment or jail.  I was in Creekside Youth Detox where it was determined that I was going to go to the Last Door Youth Program.

That day I smoked my last cigarette and walked into the Youth House where I felt fear from realizing this is a place where I would need to quit everything.  It got worse when I found out that my selfish attitude wouldn’t fly.  The first few days were rough for me, I wanted to die.  I drank excessive amounts of slurpees, had tons of ice-cream and in the meantime made some friends and started on my steps.

Somehow with a few good days and bad days I ended up getting a few days clean back to back .  With these days I got some clarity from being clean and I realized that there was a bigger picture to life and that I needed to change.

A special time for me was when I made amends to myself at the train tracks where I was in an accident and lost my foot.  That Day with my friends I realized that it was time to grow up and that I wasn’t alone anymore and people actually did care about me.  Since that day my support group keeps growing, I became a sponsor and I have two sponsees now, I decided to stay in the transitional program offered by Last Door and i decided to go back to school.Randal S

When I started all this I was a drop out, now I’m graduating from High school in two weeks with pretty good grades, I have my own apartment that I keep clean,  I am involved in Last Door’s Alumni Programs and I am taking my two year cake.  Thank you to all the people that helped me from me.