Self Test for Alcohol Use

Self Test for Alcohol Addiction

Are you wondering if you may have a problem with alcohol use? Answer the following questions honestly and press submit for results.

Self Tests

Is Alcohol a Problem?

If you’re wondering if you may have a problem with alcohol use, it may be beneficial to take our self test for alcohol addiction. It’s important to remember that only you can decide whether or not your drinking habits are problematic, and denial is one of the main reasons people do not seek help. However, there are signs and symptoms associated with alcohol use disorder, like drinking more than intended, difficulty controlling your drinking once started, spending significant amounts of time obtaining or using alcohol, experiencing cravings for alcohol, continuing to drink despite negative consequences, and developing physical withdrawal symptoms when stopping.

Alcohol addiction can look like a lot of things to different people. It can look like someone drinking heavily every day, or just on the weekends. It could also look like someone using alcohol to cope with stress, depression, or mental health issues. For some it might manifest as physical dependence and withdrawal symptoms when attempting to quit drinking. Alcohol addiction often sees cravings for more alcohol, increased tolerance of effects over time, and difficulty controlling consumption.

Denial Stopping you from Treatment?

Admitting you have a problem with alcohol is difficult for lots of people. It can feel like a sign of weakness or that you’ve failed in some way. It’s important to remember that admitting you have a problem is the first step toward recovery and taking back control of your life. Seeking help from professionals like counselors, treatment facilities and support groups can be beneficial to those struggling with alcohol addiction. Talking openly about your issues with family members or friends who are supportive will also help provide additional resources for recovery. Most importantly though, it takes courage to admit there is a problem; therefore recognizing this strength should be celebrated and embraced!

Last Door offers a variety of programs that are tailored to individual‘s unique needs. The self test for alcohol addiction is just a starting point. Our goal is to provide comprehensive, evidencebased treatment and support for individuals suffering from alcohol addiction. We strive to create an environment where clients feel safe and supported as they work towards lasting sobriety. We know that recovery is possible and we’re dedicated to helping individuals start their journey.

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Do I have an addiction to alcohol?

Are you wondering if you may have a problem with alcohol use? Answer the following questions honestly and press submit for results.

Have you ever decided to stop drinking for a week or so, but didn’t make it the whole week?

Have you had problems caused by drinking during the past year?

Have you ever been too hungover to go to work?

Do you constantly think about quitting drinking?

Have you ever thought about cutting down on drinking?

Have you ever had a morning drink to get rid of your hangover?

Have you ever shown up to important responsibilities (work, school, etc) drunk or tipsy?

Have you ever gotten fired because of drinking, or quit because it was too hard to drink and work?

Have you attended AA meetings, told yourself you can quit and still drink?

Has anyone ever told you that you drink too much?

Do you ever feel guilty about your drinking?

Have you ever gotten into fights while drinking?

Has your drinking ever brought you to the psych ward?

Has drinking ever created problems between you and someone close to you?

Have you ever been hospitalized because of your drinking?

Do you ever experience any withdrawal symptoms, such as “the shakes” or seizures?

Have you ever been arrested because of your behaviour while drinking?

Have any of your friends sought help about your drinking?

Have you lost any friends because of your drinking?

You answered yes to 0 questions.

If you answered yes to 5 or less questions:

We suggest that you speak frankly with a Physician or an addiction Specialist concerning your results and your substance use. Because you answered less than 5 of these questions, you may not require residential treatment, but may we suggest you consider participating in outpatient addiction treatment, Alcoholics Anonymous Meetings, recovery coaching.

If you answered yes to 5 or more questions:

We suggest that you call us today for a telephone consultation, learn about harm reduction services in your area and consider residential treatment.

Please note

Your results from this test cannot be considered a diagnosis of addiction and should not be considered as such. They indicate the need for further professional help. Remember that recovery can start when you want it to. It’s up to you how bad things get before you seek help. Last Door works with individuals with arrange of drug use behavior from those who are misusing marijuana to those who are severely addicted. The Last Door specializes in conducting comprehensive medical addiction assessments to help you in your recovery. We assess your needs and based on the results, recommend an individualized treatment plan.

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