Self Test for Codependency

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Are you wondering if you may have a issues with codependency? Answer the following questions honestly and press Submit for results.

Am I codependent?

Are you wondering if you may have a issues with codependency? Answer the following questions honestly and press Submit for results.

Do you find yourself constantly worried about other people’s problems?

When someone else acts inappropriately, do you often feel guilty or embarrassed for him or her?

Is it hard for you to say no when somebody asks you for help?

Do you remain loyal, even if another person or situation is harmful to you?

Do you find it hard to hold personal boundaries with other people?

Is other peoples’ approval very important to you?

Do any of your relationships cause you to lose sleep, be stressed out, or lose motivation for other things in life?

After a fight or disagreement, do you feel like you must get even?

After winning an argument, do you feel you need to restate your point?

Have you ever borrowed money to finance another person’s addiction?

Do you feel reluctant to do things that you find important because it may cause an argument or disagreement?

Have you ever dragged old hurts into current conversations?

Have you ever committed, or considered committing, a crime to finance someone’s addiction?

Do arguments, disappointments or frustrations give you an urge to change someone else?

Do you often sacrifice your own needs to care for your loved one?

Do you often give your partner/spouse money or make excuses for his/her behavior?

Do you believe that you can fix (or are responsible for) your loved one’s addiction and/or mental illness?

Do you often feel that your mood is affected by your partner/spouse’s mood?

Does the thought of ending your relationship terrify you, despite all its problems or how you feel about it?

Did you ever have an idea that if loved ones would only see things your way, life would be much better?

You answered yes to 0 questions.

If you answered yes to 1 or more questions:

If you answered yes to some of the above, we suggest you speak to a counselor, if you answered several yes, we suggest you attend a Codependents Anonymous

Please note

Your results from this test cannot be considered a diagnosis of addiction and should not be considered as such. They indicate the need for further professional help. Remember that recovery can start when you want it to. It’s up to you how bad things get before you seek help. Last Door works with individuals with arrange of drug use behavior from those who are misusing marijuana to those who are severely addicted. The Last Door specializes in conducting comprehensive medical addiction assessments to help you in your recovery. We assess your needs and based on the results, recommend an individualized treatment plan.

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