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addiciton services for coparenting

being a father is part of the recovery journey, we can help families heal and co parent.

Specialized Services

Co-parenting Skill Development and Education

Many clients need specialized support developing and remaining committed to co-parenting or parallel parenting plans – whether they currently divorced or were cohabitating before entering residential treatment. Oftentimes, the co-parent has essential fulfilled the solitary role of patenting due to the father’s severe substance use dependencies.
Participants in the co-parenting group can expect to gain co-parenting knowledge and skills that will benefit both them, their children and their co parents. Clients who attend co-parenting groups report reduced family conflict, increased sense of competency as parents improved prognosis for ongoing, long term recovery.

Co parents may include a variety of configurations, including two fathers, two mothers, a parent with an adult sibling or grandparent, or a parent and another adult relative. Last Door’s co-parenting groups support clients in developing and practices the skills necessary to co parent successfully. Co-parenting can be a viable option when it is implemented by parents who want it to work and understand that children’s’ needs supersede their own self-interest and past hurts.

Co parent’s groups are smaller psycho-educational and experiential group sessions focused on the development of effective co-parenting skills. Weekly co-parenting groups are facilitated by Last Door’s Clinical team. Clients attend co-parenting groups as part of their treatment planning to support healthy family functioning.

Group sessions focus on:

  • Parental behaviours effects on children,
  • Damaging vs productive parental behaviors,
  • Focus questions for improving co-parenting relationships,
  • Building resilience in children and families,
  • Intimacy, and effective communication,
  • Fostering understanding relationships,
  • Defining our co parent relationships,
  • Codependency and ways to challenge patterns
  • Developing a co-parenting plan
  • Developing concrete financial plans for child / spousal support
  • Developing and following through on Visitation plans
  • When/how to use mediation

Couples counselling is provided, as needed, to support the practice of co-parenting and family reunification goals.

Clients report a sense of relief at not being alone in their struggles to co parent. Co parents report a sense of respect and healthier communication between clients and themselves. Relationships improve and noticeable improvement in children’s sense of wellbeing is observed due to lessening of parental conflict.

Groups are weekly in six-week cycles with ongoing intake to the group. The Social Model programming supports client’s ongoing attendance through multiple cycles of the co parents group to support healthier communication, accountability and mutual support of peers.

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