Insane, a memoir of eating disorders, addiction, and bipolar disorder


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Addiction TreatmentINSANE is a memoir delineating a young woman’s journey from a fragmented childhood, through tenacious hope, to a continuum of wellness. Riddled with eating disorders, addiction, and bipolar disorder, INSANE shines light upon extreme darkness

The memoir INSANE is an atypical coming-of-age story venturing through 26 years of raw life. A life rife with pain and destruction; a life of perseverance and inexplicable ever-present hope.

Age 9: anorexia. Age 13: cutting. Age 16: suicide. Age 17: drug and alcohol addictions. Innumerable hospitalizations, rehabs, therapies. Emily morphs into an unrecognizable shell of a being, while continually looking for a way out, and a way into a being of substance and health. During an experience when it comes down to facing the choice of Life or Death, she chooses Life and begins a journey of finding a new God.

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