Dave Cooke author of “The Addicted Child” and founder of 100 Pedals

Youth and Addiction

Dave Cooke is the executive director of an organization called 100 peddles a non profit organization that helps parents navigate the chaos and confusion of a child’s substance use disorder, also author of the book “The Addicted Child: A Parents Guide to Navigating the crisis and chaos of a child’s substance use disorder”.

Dave’s journey started when he got a phone call that his youngest son who was about 20 at the time was homeless and got arrested and when the rest of the story came out he found out that his son was homeless because of a heroine addiction and he was arrested because of legal issues related to his drug addiction. When Dave found out about his son’s addiction he went into “Rescue Mode” and went to go save his son in their old hometown Detroit, Michigan, thinking love and a change of environment would save his son Dave did not realize that addiction was so much more than where you live and a change in location would not save his sons life. Dave said one of the biggest things he learned is that nothing is going to change in terms of his son changing his life unless his son wants to change, Dave realized that he could give his son all the love in the world but if he did not want to change then no change would happen.

Dave decided to start his own path of getting well and wanted to start cycling for an hour everyday for 100 days in a row as a source of meditation and allowed Dave to look at the situation he was dealing with a clear head. Dave said he realized that he can walk down his sons path of addiction with him but he can’t walk his own sons path for him and his son needs to find help when he wants it, but he will always be there to support his son.

When Dave started riding his bike every day he also started to journal, and when he was writing in his journal about his experience of trying to support his son through his sons addiction he realized that he wanted to share it with the world so that is when the idea of “The Addicted Child” came up.

Your can buy Dave’s book on Amazon at https://www.amazon.com/Addicted-Child-navigating-substance-disorder/dp/1532056419

Parents, loved ones, and other family members can find all these resources at www.100Pedals.com

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