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Yoga can help with addiction recovery

Talk Recovey radio, addiction recovery radio showDominique Vincenz, is an author, poet and a yoga teacher for people who are recovering from addiction. Her book is called “Awakenings” the book is full of poems that Dominique wrote throughout her recovery process through treatment for drug and alcohol addictions. She says how her poems went from hell to hope from the beginning of her recovery journey to this present day. She never wrote the poems to be published she wrote the poems to help her with her journey through treatment. The poems help people with addiction related problems in their life if it is from drugs, alcohol or any other addiction that has manifested in someone’s life, but author Dominique Vincenz touches on the fact that you do not have to have an addiction or be exposed to addiction to be touched by any of her poems.

In 2006 Dominique went to go see a doctor because she believed she was struggling with depression, after the doctor asked her how much she drank alcohol she realized that she could not remember, when he asked if she thinks she had a problem she burst into tears. Dominque was encouraged to go to treatment from the doctor and she made up every exec use possible to not have to go deal with her alcohol addiction, when the doctor compared addiction to a life-threatening illness like cancer it made sense to her that she needed help to deal with her addiction.

Yoga and Addiction Recovery

With Dominique’s first chance to leave the centre for a couple hours she took it and went to a yoga class and that was the first time she felt “Okay”. When she left treatment, she got in touch with a yoga teacher that was referred by someone else in the treatment facility she was at. Dominique attended some private classes and was told to keep quiet and calm, but she could not stay quiet for more than five seconds because she was so “Crazy” her yoga teacher was okay with that and worked with her until she was told to go to a group session. After looking for instant gratification from the yoga sessions she asked the teacher how she did and the teacher responded by saying “if you feel like you need to ask that maybe you need to come back” Dominque threw the cheque at her and left, then came back 6 months later and practiced yoga a lot until she got “Addicted”.

Dominique is involved with Yoga outreach, it is funded by donations and they are doing a 21-day challenge where you practice yoga for 21 minutes for 21 days and you receive donations which will get handed over to yoga outreach. Dominique just finished her first part of her journey and is now a professional coach and hopes to be certified by the beginning of next year.

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