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Clean Sober and Proud. Alma Bitches and Kendall Gendr, Performers of Untoxicated

If you or someone you know is part of the LGBTQ2s community and is addicted to drugs or alcohol, and is thinking about addiction treatment, please call our free addiction consultation line –  We can help  start the recovery journey.

Last Door’s community engagement initiatives plays a major role in helping people rebuild their lives.   In 2018 Last Door celebrated the 10th Anniversary of Clean Sober and Proud.  To celebrate we hosted a special edition of the Untoxicated Street Festival and created one of our best Recovery Floats in the Vancouver Pride Parade.  Clients, alumni and the community at large have been celebrating Pride substance free with the help of Clean Sober and Proud.

Clean, Sober and Proud represents people who are have overcome their addiction living clean and sober – and proud of it! Clean Sober and Proud consists of substance free spaces and outreach booths at LGBTQ2s Pride Day events including Fraser Valley Pride, Surrey Pride, Campbell River Pride, New Westminster Pride, Victoria Pride, East Side Pride and Vancouver Pride.

These spaces include outreach booths that encourage addiction recovery conversations. They provide a centralized meeting space for people in recovery from addiction to gather and feel safe and included.  2018 marks the 10 Year Anniversary of Clean Sober Proud.  What started off as an event with 9 people, through perseverance has turned into a celebration of thousands.

A highlight of Clean Sober and Proud is the annual Untoxicated Street Festival, one of North America’s largest substance free Pride events. Guests enjoy an evening street festival in the heart of the West End.  Untoxicated helps individuals stay connected to support services to help them get through Pride weekend “safely”

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