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Wisdom of Addiction Recovery, Georgi Distefano talks about her book, “Paradigm Change”

”As a therapist for over forty years, in the field of substance abuse/addiction treatment, I have met many remarkable people and have been privileged to assist them in their journey of recovery. Over the years, I have gained an assortment of insights, tips, and practical advice, shared by my clients, that many have found useful in their own recovery. I have come to call this knowledge “Collective Wisdom.” Together with twelve cognitive-behavioral themes, this information provides an effective framework for establishing long lasting sobriety.

 “It introduced me to one of the most promising recovery approaches I have known in the 45 years I have devoted to the substance abuse field. Case after case cited in detail will give hope to those persons needing help. These cases will also stimulate professionals to consider the use of the Paradigm Developmental Model of Treatment (PDMT), described in the book, as an addition to any treatment in use or as a total recovery paradigm change.”Frances L. Brisbane Ph.D., MSW Professor, School of Social Welfare (Former Dean, School of Social Welfare) Stony Brook University, Stony Brook, New York

“Paradigm Change-the Collective Wisdom of Recovery is truly a one-stop shop for a lifetime of recovery treatment wisdom.”  Carole, Los Angeles (19 years sober)”

L. Georgi DiStefano is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker with extensive experience in the management of substance abuse programs and employee assistance programs, as well as a popular speaker on workplace conflict resolution. She is the former Executive/Clinical Director of the Center for Alcohol and Drug Studies and Services for the San Diego State University Research Foundation, managing a budget of $3.7 million with over 3,000 active clients. In the past, she has managed the Employee Assistance Program for Kaiser Permanente hospital system in San Diego, CA and was the coordinator of the Critical Incident Team and worked with the Threat Management Committee.


Guest 2

Personal Addiction Recovery Story

Personal Story with Rod, we hear his wisdom to overcome addiction.

Rod has been using drugs for most of his life, he was in and out of treatment, until he committed to long term residential addiction treatment, he couldnt stop relapsing.

Hear his full story on Talk Recovery Radio

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