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Navigate through the storm of a husband’s addiction as a newlywed. How to overcome someone else’s addiction.

Shonah Marie- Author of: Steady in the Storm

Shonah lives in the beautiful Okanagan Valley in British Columbia with her husband Rhett and dachshund Bentley. She can often be found exploring nature with her husband or elbow-deep in a creative endeavor. Shonah has a life long dream of becoming an author and public speaker. Steady in the Storm is her first book.

No one likes the unpredictability of life and the storms it brings our way. Steady in the Storm documents Shonah’s personal journey as she navigates through the storm of her husband’s addiction as a newlywed. Coming from a background of homeschooling and Sunday school, Shonah is ill-prepared to handle the uncontrollable situation. Reaching deep into her relationship with Christ, Shonah walks you through the gift of grace, the grit of gratitude and the lavishness of the goodness of God that got her through the storm. Told in humour, with a deep vulnerability and a realness that will have you experiencing the story right alongside her, Steady in the Storm is a captivating and emotional telling that will have you page-turning late into the night.

Shonah describes her experience as a roller coaster ride. She was stuck and felt like there was no right answer. It felt like staying was wrong. It felt like leaving was wrong. She felt like every day she woke up doing the wrong thing and did not know what to do.

Some people were very hardline one way  or the other and she was stuck in the middle, not know what the right thing was. It was God and her higher power that kept her sane. It kept her stable, which is why the book is titled, Steady in the Storm. The storm was all around her. Trying to find that stability was hard but she knew that this was the man that she was meant to be with.

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