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Save your life from addiction and everyday matters

Talk Recovery Radio, Thursday noon from 1 pm, this week’s show guests are:

A Sober Girls Guide, Jessica Jeboult, author of ” Save Your Own Damn Life”

Jessica Jeboult is the author of the book “Save Your Own Damn Life”. Jessica talks about the book title meaning that not enough people are being clear about the fact that finding recovery is not always easy and you need to go out of your way to find it. She mentions how recovery is not some big scary thing that is unattainable, but it wont just come to you and fall in your lap if you do not put an effort it to find it.

Jessica’s self-help book is not just for people in recovery, she mentions how it is for everyone who wants to better their life. Jessica admitted that her getting sober definitely helped her clear her mind and be more focused to better her life. Her book has 4 different components, the first one is your body, diet, exercise and taking care of your body. Second is your mind, allowing you into your mind and make sure you know what you are telling yourself and what is your internal voice. The third one is connection, connection to yourself, connection to others and connection to something greater than yourself, which can be a type of higher power. The fourth is productivity, how are you expanding your life and how are you producing.

The book includes exercises, it is not just a book you read and put back on the shelf. Each chapter includes something you can work on and gives you the ability to work on taking a personal inventory. Jessica says “at the end of the day if you lie or cheat you are only cheating yourself”.

Jessica talks about how she noticed when using took more of a control of her life she started to realize that if she doesn’t go to work on a daily basis she wont be able to pay for her apartment and she wont be able to pay for her car and when she realized that was next for her, she saw the spiral and saw that this is what happens to people in addiction. Jessica says the first step was admitting she was not happy, on paper Jessica’s life looked so good but when she was a DJ in LA but inside she did not enjoy her job anymore and was not happy. Jessica said when she looked at all the things in life that make her happy, drinking was not one of them and that is also what helped her stop.


This is not a typical self help book. This is a book of action. This is a book that is going to light a fire under your ass. In this refreshingly entertaining do it yourself-self help book, life coach, podcaster and inspirational speaker, Jessica Jeboult, will show you how to save your own damn life. By upholding the 4 commitments outlined in this book, you will track where your life needs improvement and learn the tools and strategies to successfully implement a solution immediately. Through hilariously inspiring stories, sage advice and simple, user friendly exercises, you will learn how to:

addiction treatment, save your own damn life-improve your health

-override self doubt

-live a life you’re proud of

-cultivate fulfilling relationships

-build an endless source of confidence

-love your job and career

-take action

You will get the cheat codes to living a happy, healthy, productive life filled with love.

“Anything I can do, you can do too. If you want to take control of your life, let’s get to work!”


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Guest 2

Personal Addiction Recovery Story

Each show’s first guest is followed by a personal story of recovery from addiction.  This weeks guest is Kathleen, hear her journey to recovery.

Kathleen is in studio today as a new Mom and talking about her personal story of recovery from addiction. Kathleen ended up in a 12-step program when her ex husband was going to 12 step meetings as he was in treatment for addiction finding recovery. Kathleen thought she was just there to support her husband at the time and ended up going to the treatment centre hungover or drink to visit him and as Kathleen said the treatment centre did not think to fondly about that.

Giuseppe and Kathleen talk about the idea that addiction effects the whole family just like if someone in your family has a severe illness, the whole family is affected by it. When a family member is in addiction the whole family is in addiction and lives in the chaos in it. But if that person can find recover it is contagious and the family can live a life full of recovery.

What helped Kathleen realize she needed help was going to visiting him drunk when she didn’t want too and not wanting to embarrass herself or her partner, but quickly she realized she could not stop. Kathleen said eventually when she was visiting him frequently she had to go to meetings with him and one night at a meeting she was listening to a woman share her story of recovery and the story sounded very similar to hers and it gave her a little bit of hope that maybe if she tried this too it could save her relationship and maybe not hate herself anymore.

Kathleen is a mother to a 12 week old boy and she said that the challenging thing is having to put herself on the back burner and sometimes being embarrassed if she brought her baby to meetings and he would cry and Kathleen started to become more irritable and it was hard on her relationship and she really thought it might have had something to do with mental health but when she started connecting with her recovery support group more and started going to more meetings she realized that it made a big difference in her mood and her outlook on life.

Kathleen reflects on her first couple days clean and in recovery thinking she knew what it was going to look like which was old people in church basements drinking black coffee talking about the worst thing that has ever happened to them, but she started to realize what recovery was really like and it she was In the middle of a young vibrant fun recovery community where people did not struggle and enjoyed their lives.

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