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Guest One: Dan Griffin

Author of “A Man’s Way through Relationships: Learning to Love and Be Loved”

An essential guide to the challenges men in recovery face in creating and sustaining healthy relationships in all areas of their lives.


addiction recovery radio podcast and readio“Man Rules”

Every idea is presented through the lens of the “Man Rules”―the often unconscious ideas men carry with them into every relationship they have that affect their ability to find true connection. Dan Griffin excerpts interviews with men who share their innermost lives and experiences with relationships and draws from his own life with over two decades of recovery and ten years of marriage. Readers will learn to recognize how their ideas about masculinity have shaped who they are and how they approach their relationships.

A Man’s Way through Relationships offers practical advice and inspiration for men to define, with their partners, their own sense of masculinity, and thus heighten their potential to love and be loved.

Dan Griffin who is an internationally recognized author and an expert on men’s relationships and masculinity with a professional background, over two decades in the mental health and addictions field. Dan speaks about “Man rules” and those are the rules that we learn as little boys about how to be men. Dan says that people would think that those rules do not apply anymore, but they run very deep in our programming.

Dan speaks on what the signs and symptoms would be for someone who should read his books. Dan says that he did try to write the book for all men in recovery. Dan is written “A Man’s Way Through the 12 Steps” is for men in 12 step recovery but Dan also mentioned that he recognizes that there are many pathways to recovery. But “A Man’s Way Through Relationships” is written for men in relationships in recovery. Dan says he feels as emotional sobriety is a big part of it and he feels that it can be elusive for a lot of guys in early recovery. He mentions that people who come into recovery and get sober think that all their relationships are going to be all okay after they put the drugs and alcohol down but do not realize that it takes a lot of work in recovery to build healthy relationships with men and woman.

Men and the 12 steps

Dan’s book “A Man’s Way Through the 12 Steps” is written as an addition to the 12 step programs. He found himself and others talking before and after recovery support 12 step meetings about their experiences in life and how it was different than women’s experiences. He asked himself questions like “What does it mean for a man to admit powerlessness when so much of our ego is driven by having power” and “What does it mean for a man to ask for help and to surrender?” Dan wanted to know how a man would navigate working the 12 steps in a way that them not realizing how much their masculinity was changing as a result in working the steps as they just thought their working the steps because they are supposed too and that is just what they are doing.

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Guest Two: Dylan Lundgren

Topic: Dylan is a TEDx Speaker and Addiction Recovery Advocate. His mission is to work with individuals and organizations to increase engagement in the addiction recovery process and improve long-term outcomes.

Dylan “teaches with his actions” and likes to be an example of what he illustrates. You may find Dylan dancing at noon on a Thursday, doing spoken word at a local museum, or going out ‘sober and solo’ to karaoke. Dylan loves to combine his knowledge and passion to create events and experiences for people in recovery; such as Poetry Slams and Sober Raves. He is well known as an inspirational speaker and gifted facilitator; as well as a spoken word artist.

Talk Recovery RadioHis purpose is to transform despair into hope and create a common bond through shared meaning.

If you are looking for a professional who uniquely addresses the despair and hopelessness of the struggles with addiction, or the recovery process, as well as provides hope, and real solutions, through an empowering shift in perception, then you’ve come to the right place!

You can feel confident bringing Dylan in as your speaker or facilitator. Connect with him today and explore how he can add value and an uplifting experience to your center, conference, or event.

Dylan’s Story

Dylan grew up in a suburban area in Connecticut in the United States in a family where all his needs were met but noticed at an early age that something was off. Dylan remembers having a very weird relationship with using drugs. Dylan talks about his first experience of getting outside of himself with using a substance and says that he thought at the time it was cool but at the same time he was scared because he was out of control.

When Dylan realized that he needed to go to the next phase it took him ending up in jail. Dylan already experienced what a lot of people experience before finding recovery, overdosing being arrested, going to treatment facilities because arrested, but what made Dylan feel as he needs to find recovery is the loss of freedom, he realized he was experiencing in jail.

Covid-19 and advocacy

In the world of Covid-19 Dylan does a lot of virtual presentations and virtual coaching. Dylan says in a world of disconnection and isolation right now it is a very important time to get the word out there that recovery from addiction is possible and help is out there. Dylan has been focusing on the self expression piece, Dylan does spoken word slam poetry, as well as presentations with addiction treatment centers to help people in recovery from addiction to get connected and to be authentic with their recovery process. Dylan says to be a man who has a voice in the advocacy of recovery from addiction is so important because there is not one person that speaks for the whole movement of recovery it is many people that work together worldwide to keep the message of recovery going.


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