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Author David Fawcett

David Fawcett, Ph.D., L.C.S.W., is a substance abuse expert, certified sex therapist and clinical psychotherapist in private practice in Ft. Lauderdale specializing in gay men’s health. He has worked in the areas of mental health and substance abuse for more than 30 years in numerous settings, including inpatient and outpatient programs. He currently maintains a private psychotherapy practice and consults numerous agencies, including the the Broward County Health Department and Sunserve, an LGBT (lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender) social services agency. He frequently presents workshops on issues concerning substance abuse, mental health and chronic illness both nationally and internationally.

Dr. Fawcett is also in recovery, although not for methamphetamine. He has worked in the field of addiction for 30 years; about 20 years of that with stimulant users and has been combining this phenomenon of sex and drugs, something that is being called chemsex. David thinks the most important element of recovery is connection, a social connection and connection of all levels. He believes that we are so isolated and lonely when we are in our disease and that being in recovery is all about connection.

Lust, Men, and Meth: A Gay Man’s Guide to Sex and Recovery provides the first practical resource for addiction recovery from methamphetamine and the restoration of healthy sex and intimacy. Based on over a decade of clinical experience and research, Dr. Fawcett outlines the seductive appeal of methamphetamine and its impact on high-risk behaviors and sexual desire, resulting in the fusion of meth and sex in theAddiction Recovery Radio Show brain. Such patterns of use quickly lead not only to a devastating addiction but in sexual dysfunction as well.

Illustrated with examples from dozens of cases, this book outlines a path toward healing, describing the phases of physical, emotional, and sexual recovery and provides a broad range for supportive tools from managing triggers to mindfulness. This book:

  • Explores the relationship between gay men, meth, and other mood altering chemicals, and high-risk sexual behaviors.
  • Provides a sex therapist’s insight into sexual desire, its vulnerability to distortion, and a path toward healing.
  • Describes the impact of neuroplasticity, the ability of the brain to rewire neural connections, and its role both in hijacking healthy pleasure and restoring it.
  • Presents a recovery guide for the physical and emotional impact of meth, including valuable information, relapse-prevention skills, and guidance for the therapeutic work necessary for healthy intimacy.

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Brian Thomas

Brian Thomas joins us this Thursday on Talk Recovery. Brian, a person in recovery who worked in the field of harm reduction shares his personal story.


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