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This week’s Talk Recovery Radio guest is Cam Aider,  Cam is addicted to video games.. and here is some information about Cam.

“This addiction affected many areas of my life, including being a major influence in my decision to drop out of high school not once, but twice. I never graduated, never went to college, and struggled with depression for many years.”

“I want to be very clear, I don’t blame video games for why this happened, nor do I think video games were the problem.  I’m not here to vilify gaming, tell you that it’s bad or debate with you about whether you or not you should play; because I don’t believe gaming is bad and if someone wants to play then I would encourage them to go ahead and play.”

“What I do want to share with you is about my experience playing video games and how the decision to move on from them has taught me more about living a meaningful life than anything I’ve done before, and how over the last five years my journey has led me to founding Game Quitters, the largest support community for people who struggle to overcome a video game addiction. Today Game Quitters has members in over 60 countries around the world.”

Learn about Game Quitters on Thursday at noon on 10.5 fm.

Here is a link to “Game Quitters”

Every week we also include a personal story … this week is Jolene Greyeyes’ story.

She Survived BC’s Overdose Crisis, but 49 Friends Did Not.

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