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This week on Talk Recovery Radio Robb Kelly, PhD joins the show to talk about The Robb Kelly Recovery Group, his book “Daddy, Daddy Please Stop Drinking”, and much more about addiction recovery for a full hour on Coop Radio 100.5fm and on Facebook Live.

About Dr. Kelly

Addiction DoctorToday, Robb Kelly, PhD is a world-renowned addiction expert who believes in treating the problem, not the symptoms. He has worked for many years helping addicts and alcoholics to RECOVER their lives from the disease of addiction.

Based on his own experiences working with addicts and alcoholics over the last 20 years, combined with a PhD in psychology, and as a recovered alcoholic himself – he is a triple threat against the disease of addiction.

Dr. Kelly’s philosophy may seem unconventional and unorthodox. But, they are based on extensive research and behavior studies that he conducted over the last 20 years. He pulls the disease out of his clients and empowers them to fight their disease head on.

Some people have referred to him as “The Gordon Ramsay of the Addiction World” because of his direct, no-nonsense, and candid approach to recovery. He has discovered that in order to get his clients to change their thinking, they must confront their disease with candor and vigor. Dr. Kelly works to “make the road of recovery less of a mystery tour.”

Robb Kelly, PhD has worked with thousands of people including celebrities of film, music, and sports. He has lectured at many high profile universities and hospitals on the subject of addiction, and is recognized as a leading authority on addiction recovery methods that are changing lives all around the world.

Today, he is living his dream, instead of dreaming of living.

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“Daddy, Daddy Please Stop Drinking”

Rob Kelly Addiction Author About the book: Daddy, Daddy Please Stop Drinking chronicles the true life story of my personal fight from homeless alcoholic to living a life beyond my wildest dreams. My name is Dr. Robb Kelly and today I run a successful alcohol and addiction recovery business but I had to travel to hell and back to make me the man I am today. I am not sure when I crossed the line from social drinking to alcoholism, I just know I did and my life would never be the same again. I was married with children and had a great career, life could not have been better. The only problem is that I drank too much, and when I did I lost control. When I enjoyed my drinking I couldn’t control it, and when I controlled my drinking I couldn’t enjoy it. Finally, alcoholism gripped me hard and like most people I sank really quickly. I lost everything: my business, my home, my wife, and most importantly my two young daughters.

I had a PhD from Oxford University but went from a comfortable home to homelessness and lived on the mean streets of Manchester England for a year asking for handouts to purchase liquor. While homeless, I was arrested several times, prone to blackouts that lasted for weeks, and was assaulted physically and sexually. I have had several near brushes with death, including an attempted suicide.

So great was my despair of my alcoholic and addictive condition that I just wanted to die. On a cold and wet English night, I fell to my knees and begged God to help me find a way from the endless nightmare that was my existence and moments later a man carrying a bible rounded the corner and offered me a helping hand. My plea that cold night opened the door to sobriety and I found the answer I was looking for. To my amazement it had been there all along, I just had to hit rock bottom before I would accept it.

Since recovering from a hopeless state of alcoholism, it has become my life mission to assist other hopeless, chronic alcoholics and addicts and educate all I could on the dangers and warning signs of alcohol and addiction. That is my purpose and my passion, to assist the still struggling alcoholic and addict recover their lives. I was an alcoholic whose symptoms and not my disease were treated every trip to hospital. My gripping story of success to failure to success proves that it’s never too late to recover your life from alcoholism and addiction.

Everyone had written me off as dead twenty years ago but I’m still standing and I have one hell of a story to share. If you’re struggling with drug and alcohol abuse yourself or are the loved one of an alcoholic or addict, this book will inspire you to never give up hope. Today, I’m living the dream instead of dreaming to live.

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