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This week on Talk Recovery Radio Darlene Lancer returns to the show, Darlene’s new book “Dating, Loving, and Leaving a Narcissist: Essential Tools for Improving or Leaving Narcissistic and Abusive Relationships” is out now as she joins us for a full hour on 100.5fm and Facebook live.

Darlene’s Book:

“Dating, Loving, and Leaving a Narcissist: Essential Tools for Improving or Leaving Narcissistic and Abusive Relationships”

Dating, Loving, and Leaving a Narcissist is unique among voices that exhort leaving a narcissist. It is insightful, researched, and empathetic and offers hope and help for loved ones to restore their self-esteem and rebalance a narcissistic relationship. It includes Essential Tools for Staying and Leaving and provides an in-depth analysis of the relationship, how to make changes, and how to assess its prognosis.

This workbook is packed with healing exercises and checklists to enlighten and motivate you. It suggests lists of actions, including a strategic, step-by-step plan with scripts to confront abuse and get your needs met.

Dating, Loving, and Leaving a Narcissist will help you take back your power and independence. You will reclaim yourself and improve your relationship, whether the narcissist is your partner, parent, child, sibling, or co-worker, or doesn’t have a narcissistic personality disorder. In sum, you will have a better relationship with yourself and your loved one and be able to decide whether and how to leave the relationship. You will be able to:

  • Discover the diagnosis, type, and deep motivations of a narcissist
  • Recognize the red flags when dating a narcissist and know what to do
  • Identify narcissistic behavior and know how to handle it
  • Understand your role and attraction to a narcissist
  • Regain your autonomy and self-esteem
  • Rebalance the power in the relationship
  • Learn how to confront abuse effectively
  • Assess your relationship and whether to stay or leave
  • Prepare to leave

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About Darlene Lancer JD LMFT

Recovery involves reconnecting to, honoring, and expressing our “Self,” meaning our true, real self that has been hidden. By helping clients overcome self-defeating beliefs and behaviors, they’re able to more fully express their true Self and enjoy greater life satisfaction.

This is a process of soul alignment that strengthens your self-esteem and ability to manage emotions and boundaries. It empowers you to take more risks, live more passionately, and manifest your dreams.

In a short time, you notice changes and improvement. You gain autonomy and greater self-compassion. You become a more effective communicator and experience greater fulfillment in your marriage, relationships, and professional and personal life.

Partners learn to resolve problems, reduce conflict, improve communication, and build trust and intimacy. I’ve worked with couples who decide to marry and those that find strength and direction during divorce. While a Senior Mediator in Los Angeles Superior Court, I mediated divorce settlements and custody and visitation disputes and did premarital and domestic violence counseling.

My ability as an emotional intuitive enables me to quickly identify the source of problems and interpret your dreams. I draw on extensive personal and professional experience that can assist you in finding solutions. Change requires awareness, courage, and action. You will gain insight and be supported to take productive risks as you’re ready to do so.

I use powerful, client-centered, evidence-based techniques, such as cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT), voice-dialogue, dream analysis, emotional freedom technique (EFT), and hypnosis. Additionally, I have training in self-psychology, Jungian therapy, psychoanalytic psychotherapy, somatic work, and experience in 12-Step Programs.

I speak to national audiences in the media and at professional conferences. I counsel many professionals in the entertainment business, attorneys, and other industries. I’ve been an AAMFT Approved Supervisor of other therapists and previously practiced law for many years.

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