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Guest 1– Daniel Snyder from We All Play A R.O.L.E.

Daniel SnyderDaniel is a project & peer coordinator for the Langley Community Action Table and Overdose Response Project.  He is a passionate public speaker who shares his story of addiction & recovery, advocates for drug policy change, and a greater understanding and compassion for those who use substances and suffer from addiction.

“We all Play a Role” is looking to partner with local businesses in Langley City & township that are interested in hosting a presentation on the overdose crisis at their place of business.  These presentations are designed for employers and their employees to engage in a conversation about the risk of overdose, our attitudes towards drugs & the people who use them, and how we might all play a ROLE in mitigating the overdose crisis… “we all play a ROLE” is an acronym for “Responding to Overdose in Langley through education.”

We all play a role was to partially educate the community at large. Those who have had addictions or have loved ones with addictions, they tend to be fairly informed about the issues. They understand the overdose crisis and understand some of the roles they can play for the rest of the community. In Langley, in particular, Daniel was very surprised to discover how many people do not understand what is going on with the overdose crisis. They are not at all aware of the toxic drug supply. 

In April 2016, for the first time in BC, a provincial health officer (Health Minister Terry Lake) declared a public health emergency due to increasing and often lethal drug overdoses. According to the BC Coroners Report, illicit drug overdose has surpassed homicides, suicides, and motor vehicle accidents combined as the major cause of unnatural deaths in BC.  Langley was identified as one of the 18 hardest-hit communities in the province, and as a result, special funding was made available to these communities for various projects aimed at mitigating the overdose crisis.

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Guest 2– Recovery Gnome Project

Recovery Month BC is celebrated each September and this important acknowledgement of addiction recovery is spreading across Canada. We have all witnessed the devastating impact of addiction, even more so during this unfortunate pandemic. As families who have watched our children, loved ones and partners struggle with and through active addiction, we know that many people are unaware of the incredibly positive impact that Addiction Recovery has and how its lasting effects surround us everywhere. The Recovery Gnome Project, a grass roots movement consisting of family members with loved ones in recovery, wants to change this and is ready to Celebrate and Educate!

The inspiration came to Chris and Deb while they were out for a walk in the woods. They found all these beautiful little painted pebbles around the base of a tree. Chris mentioned to Deb that the pebbles really reminded her of these little gnomes that were painted on on small little blocks of wood that started appearing all around a city in the states that she used to live in. No one knew who was putting these little gnomes there. Interestingly enough, the person still remains anonymous today, but the whole city fell in love with them.

These mysterious creatures are a symbol of good luck and hope. They are the guardians of treasure. Having experienced the chaos that active addiction brings to people who struggle with addiction, family members such as ourselves have come to believe that there is no greater treasure than that of recovery. Addiction Recovery is something to be valued, guarded and nurtured as it impacts the world around us in such positive ways. By placing Recovery Gnomes across BC the Recovery Gnome Project is celebrating recovery and inspiring conversations, learning, and hope.


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