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About Face: Essays on Addictions, Recovery, Therapies, and Controversies.

Topic: Douglas Gosse is a professor at Nipissing University and an award winning researcher. Dr. Gosse received the Nipissing University Research Achievement Award, and a Gold Volunteer Service Award from the Historica Foundation. The Governor-General of Canada has recognized him for teaching excellence.

Douglas Gosse was the editor of About Face: Essays on Addictions, Recovery, Therapies, and Controversies. It seeks to broaden the conversation around addiction in Canada. Featuring essays by a diverse group of writers, About Face delves into the major categories of addiction: drugs, alcohol, sex, pornography, video games, gambling, body dysmorphia, and eating disorders. With stories by those suffering from addictions, experts in the field, and service providers, this anthology is a far-reaching intervention into one of our country’s most rapidly expanding social problems.

Dr. Douglas Gosse thinks one of the key issues with addiction is loneliness and lack of belonging. He has see a trend over the years where he believes loneliness and lack of belonging are becoming more and more present. Whomever you speak with will tell you similar stories about how they’re feeling disenfranchised and finding it hard to make social contacts. Ironically, in the U.K. and United Kingdom, there’s even a department of loneliness that was established not too long ago. And studies do show that partly due to social media, people are less and less connected in very fundamental ways face to face. This was one of the reasons that he included some essays on digital or technological addiction, including video games. Addictions are morphing. There are opiate addictions, which are huge. But, there’s also digital addictions. And he included a significant section there on sex and pornography and cruising sites as well as sexual addictions.

Dr. Gosse’s areas of expertise are:

  • Curriculum theory and development
  • Qualitative research
  • Social justice and equity
  • Masculinities

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Followed by personal story, hear Evan’s story of Recovery.

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