Addiction is Addiction

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Understanding the disease of addiction in oneself and others for a better quality of life

Addiction Addiction

We talk to the authors of the book, and how it can help overcoming addiction.

Treating Addiction as a personal failing or weakness isn’t working—not for those living with it, or for their loved ones. Understanding Addiction as a primary chronic brain disease allows us to see the symptoms and behaviours as they really are, and provide treatment programs that go beyond the stigma. Whether the Addiction involves alcohol, narcotics, gambling, food or sex, it is vital to examine what is happening in the brain, not simply focus just on correcting a person’s behaviour. This book looks at how treating Addiction as a disease can radically improve outcomes by using a holistic approach that balances the biological, psychological, social, and spiritual aspects of treatment needed for recovery. Whether you suffer from Addiction, know someone who does, or work in the healthcare field, Addiction is Addiction provides a comprehensive path to understanding, living with, and recovering from the disease.


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