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Interventions and outpatient trauma careAccessing a “drug and alcohol interventions” and “outpatient trauma care” is key to ignite recovery.  The Last Door Recovery Centre can affiliate with the David Burns Clinical Interventions and Outpatient services to ensure a successful journey for you.  These services can be offered as an additional service to your primary residential treatment plan or as continuing care service, post-treatment.  If you are not looking for inpatient treatment and in need of an interventionist or outpatient treatment, please contact the clinic directly here

Services Offered by David Burns Clinical Life Options

Trauma Treatment

Burns Clinical offers individualized addition and mental health wellness programs for First Responders, Veterans, CF members & others who experience trauma, PTSD or emotional strain through societal or workplace experiences.

DBT Skills Programs for Addiction and Trauma

(Dialectical Behavior Therapy) Our DBT (Dialectical Behavioural Therapy) programs help you to recognize triggers that create emotional conflict and stress. Our DBT programs are tailored to the individual and may include individual counselling sessions and/or DBT skills groups to help clients learn new ways of coping to avoid unwanted outcomes in relationships with family, friends and coworkers. We will help you identify and build on your strengths. We will show you new ways of thinking, feeling and communicating that will improve your ability to accept and tolerate other points of view and express your feelings effectively. DBT combines western psychological traditions and eastern meditative practices to help you learn to accept and tolerate powerful emotions with skill and communicate in a non-judgmental way.

Intensive Outpatient Programs for Substance Use Disorders, Process Addiction Disorders, Compulsive sexual behaviour (Sexual Addiction) : Intensive Outpatient Programs (IOP) are designed for individuals that have difficulty with substance use or other problematic behaviors. IOPs are ideal for individuals that recognize a need for change but do not believe inpatient or residential treatment is the best course of action. At Burns Clinical we pride ourselves on offering an intensive, thorough and individualized program that identifies the specific needs of each client. Working with substance use and mental health professionals we will design a program that is tailored to your schedule and focuses specifically on the areas in which you need support. Our individualized IOP offers clients the flexibility of meeting with their counsellors in the office or at a location of the clients choosing.

Personalized Intensive Outpatient Addiction Program includes:

  • Individual counselling sessions
  • Group Counselling sessions
  • Education around mental health and substance use disorders
  • Medical monitoring for alcohol and/or drugs
  • Support in accessing community resources
  • After-hour access to clinical staff via text and e-mail

A 20-minute free consultation with a Burns Clinical staff  member can be arranged to further discuss options related to Burns Clinical services

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Intensive Drug treatment David Burns

David Burns MA, ICADC, CCS-AC, CSAT Clinical Supervisor / Managing Director

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