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Addiction Recovery Advocates

This week on Talk Recovery Radio we welcome members of the Empower2Recover team, a group of addiction recovery advocates who want there to be a voice to help others and for abstinent-based programs.

On the show, we have recovery advocates Alex T, Tamara M, Mike G, Jay B, Brooke Y and TJ joining us from “Empower2Recover”  Its mission is simple: To show that abstinence-based recovery is possible and should be accessible & supported by our governments.

​These addiction recovery advocates say there has been a huge HARM REDUCTION push from Canadian Governments as an attempt to lower the number of overdoses we are seeing. They say ABSTINENCE-BASED recovery programs such as Recovery Coaching, Peer Support Groups, and Recovery Homes should also be just as supported but seem to be less promoted!

​Empower 2 Recover is here to show Recovery Works and it is possible for anyone who wants it.

They will be Touring Canada To Bring Awareness To The Government Policies On Recovery. Giving People With Lived Experience A Voice To Help Others. Giving Treatment Centres More Funding For Absence-Based Programs. Easier Access To Treatment For Men, Women & Single Parents With Children.

Their hope is that everyone will be given access to a Recovery Coach,

Empower2Recovery will be coming to a city near you with 9 stops across Canada. Their motto is RECOVER LOUD SO OTHERS DON’T SUFFER IN SILENCE….

Listen to the show to discuss how they are going to do this

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